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Full text of "St. Louis Argus, March 9, 1917"

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Official Organ of the Supreme Lodge Committer Knights of Pythias N. A., S.A., E. A. A. & A. 

(Hjt fit Corns SUrgtw 

VOL. V. NO. 47 

ST. LOUC, HO., FMIAY. MARCH 9. 1*47. 



lestaorant At 6713 Manchester StUl Used 

As Ante-room While Wet Goods Ar« 

Freely Dispensed To Customers 

On Sundays. 

Watch Tniriler. Ia Uae Aa la*y Eater la Rclaji. 
Eat Id Jim-Crow Luck Km. W hi U Waiting Their Ti 


frame - cottage -in the tear of 

(y's saloon, Manchester Ave., wu & 

itable saloon on .Sunday, February 

"an Argus reporter dropped. in 

quench Ids i >i i r !- 1 . Tony 's saloon, 

rhieh connects wil h a jim-crow reetaur- 

us Sunday, bnt one could get all 
the wet gootla desired by .going juat 
out of the back door of' tbe restaurant 
about' eighty (eet away. At flrat tbe 
door to the frame cottage was open and 
ou entering eath customer is scrutinized 
closely by Tony, while his two bartend- 
ers welt) kept busy serving thoie who 
rate red. However, one Colored man 
li bii came in and put down a ten dol- 
lar gold piece and asked for chango, 
wss flatly, refuted change by one of 
tbe bartenders, who told hint to get 
out of thou if that wu all he wanted. 
Police Watch Thinners 

About every Ave or ten minutes the 
police walk into the restaurant and 
look around and walk out, but teemed 
to give no attention To those going out 

the back door.. The reporter went 
around on tho west side of the saloon 
in a vacant lot and saw two poliae- 
men looking over tho fence, whieh 
about ten feel' from tho entrance of 
(he building, where liquor was being 
sold by. Tony and hid bartenders, their 
numbers were taken. At. tbe same time 
a line bad been, formed before the dooi 
as more had come than £. ou }d be served. 
Paw Negroes In Jim Crow Bsstinrant 

There, w.ero a very few Negroet 
the .lim i':w restaurant on this o 
sien. The waiters, however, were very 
solicitous in seeing that att had seats 
at Iho tables and were served. We were 
lold that Negroes were not allowed to 
enl in the place on "other days" 
that the restaurant only acts as an ante 
room and feed tbe Negroes while they 
arc waiting to g*t their thirst quenched 
by buying wet goods from Tony in vi 
ofstion nf the low. Most of them, how 
ever, only' pass through tbe eating 
house in quest of drinks. 


The regular monthly meeting o( the 



Russell's Chapel. Tuesday evening, 
March 13, at S 'o'clock. All members 
are expected to be present. Dr. Geo. 
"E. Stevens,, pastor of Central Baptist 
Church, will address the . myelin g. Hull 
jee't: "Get Together." ^H, A. Smith, 
president, Julius A.'K. Fie Hi n, socYe- 


Wheatley Branch workers are en- 
thusiastic over some thinga accom- 
plished under* the adverse eireum- 
staneaa of the past year. Hear about 
them at tbe'grest mass meeting Sun- 
day, March U, at 3 P. H. Stirring 
addresses wilt "fie made by the follow- 
ing good speakers: Mrs. Sclden P. 
Spcneer; Miss Mnrv E. S. Colt, Mrs. 
J. J. Fisher and Rev. J. W. Martin. 
Educational Secretary of the A. M. K. 
ZiOn. Church; Mist Bertha P. Williams, 
our Recording Secretary, who has just 
returned from the Indianapolis confer- 
ence, will give a brief report of the 
conference. Special music. 

On Friday evening, March 1(1, 1917, 
S:30 p. m. at Union Memorial Church. 
Lefllngwen and Pine;. there will be a 
grand, mnsical concert rendered by 
some of the best talent of. the rity. 
Music from the best compos*™ nf (wo 
distinct ■ races; there will be one hour 
devoted to high .class music of oar o*n 
famous composer*. To listen and to 
.compare will be- very interesting and 
inspiring. Given for the benefit of 
Union Memorial by Mrs.' Estelle Seals 
Scoggins. 'Don't fail to come and lis- 
to the rendition of this beautiful 


19 eeotn. 



The Life Havers' Bible Class of C. 
X. 8. &, will hold its regular mooting 
St the residence of Mr. Leo. Diekor- 
san, 4351 Norfolk Ave.. Wedaeaday, 
March la. at a p. m. sharp. All mem- 
ber* are urged to be present. Business 
ef i-porUnre. 

K.lw: Botes, I'ii-.. 

Wilherson, Stt'j. 


Bogalar sirrt ing of the Simmon* 
School Patrons Aasoriatiaa. Tuewiay 
stoning, .March 13. 1917, at the school 
building, 4S»* St. Louis Ave. The sub- 
jsot for our eatertaiameat will be. 
"Art an.l Penmanship in the Hrheols." 
M— tine bsgias pitinrtlY si S s'slock. 
V B. Word, presides t. F. C, Meaax, 

Lurreit ruAc&xu at all 

s>. O nsr gs t Norton, Rector of St, 
Michael nasi AH Angels Church, will 
smash Wilsnisy sight, atarsa It. a 
< o'clock. Oa Fr.dny night, March t«, 
Itev. J. Cosrtaey Jeass. Rector of 
*aaoel China: OU Orxenrd, will ha 

National Negro 
Health Week 

Annauncemsnt Covering 
Prtaos for Boat Clsaiiad Conuauni 
tioa During OampalJjp 

TusAegee Institute, Albania, lYunmry 
21.— In the B»t call fur theNational 
Negro Health Week which ia b 
observed April 21 to -V. 1017, reference 
wis made to the co-operation of the 
National "Clean L'p and Paint Up*' 
Campaign Bureau, Kintoch Building. 
St. Louis, Missouri. . . "' 

tn addition to' their offer 'to 
literature to any community, where 
Health Week Campaigns may be ob 
served they have new offered three 
prise cups for the best clean up effort 
among the Negro people. In a Ictte 
to Etamett J. Scott, Secretary of tb 
National Negro Business league. Mi 
Allen W. Clark, Chairman uf tha Cleat 
l"p and rainl Up Burcsu, ssys concern 
ing the prises: 

"However, we have decided upoi 
una thing that 1 hope wul inlereit and ' 
please you, via., to offer you thru 
ver cups, suitable for first, second 
third, prises lo the three conimuc 
in local Negro Committees, or a 
men of local campaigns among your 
pie that submit the best report, ef the 
best work', done jh a "Clean «jp ., 
Paint .Up" rapipaign that lias for 
"Opening Week," your own "Health 
Week" — such report or campaign 
test to. be conducted under your 
picea, and yout published conditions of 
contest, and the prises to be awardec 
by judges named by yon or your Execu 
tivo Committee ibat has youl Keaitt 
Week camj«ign in charge." 

The conditio* of the contest, logeth 
:■' with names of the judges, will In 
published later. Local committee aoi 
campaign chairmen drsiriug, to i 
their communities for these 
should make hnown their intentions to{ 
hiinu.'ti J-.Scutt, I4ecretary, Tuskegee 
Institute; Alnbaum. He. Will also bo 
very glad to send detailed plans and 
suggestions for conducting . Health 
Week Campaigns. 

Y.M.G.A. $9,000 

Rtarta Off Wlth.Elg Btrnn— 11,000 Re- 
poitad at KeunloQ Meet.— Great En- 
thuataata Shown By Workers During 

The 19,000 rally, of the V. M. C. A. 

nipaign workers started "» ai>b a 
great boom list Tuesday nigbt at tho 
get-together reunion, at Douglass Hall 
at 'which (1,000 was repotted by the 
team captains to start the campaign. 

Tho reunion started off with a -lunch 

n, prepared and served by wives and 
itwenthearta of'the team captaina^*n"icb 
pat everybody in a good hunfor, and 
Profj. J. II. B. Evans snd B. H- ( '" ul « 
kept up the. fun throughout tile eve- 
ning with their witticisms. 

Prof. Frank Williams stirred up the 
boys ,at the opening of the program 
with one'of'his soul stirring speeches, 
In which ho painted a glowing nurd- 
picture of th.o suceess of the spring cam- 
rmi^n for funds. Ho told tho workers 
that, although the cost of living is 
high, it ia also true that there sever 
was a time when work was more pi 
tiful or wages higher, and that the 
campaign workers should not feel 
cooraged, bat eater tho campaign "with 
vigor, and confidence of success. 
predicted tbab first 25 per cent of the 
pledges will be collected in time 
break ground, April 1, and that 35 per 
rent more would be collected iu 
for the -laying of the cornerstone of the 
new building, June 1. 

Philemon Bevls, tho general secre- 
tary, gave a description of the ptr 
uf the new structure that aroused much 

t crest, ami showed a number of pic- 


Hi-- Moines, la., National >'cwi 
Sarviee).— Tho lending daily news- 
patper of this plseo, in a wrfl-con*idcicd 
tutorial expression with reference to 
thai scant attention too Negro receives 
in times of peace and the solicitude 
TODchsafed him in time of war. gars: 
!mand ia now before Congress for 
a, great national school for Negroes, 
toads, strange is it. may appear, by a 
Oongrcssm^n from Tennessee. It is to 
be a school for .military training. The 
Muthcru lenders, who during flfty years 
of peace hnvo permitted the Negro to 
••cure his own training for civil life, 
have - suddenly become thorou c My 
arouied to the need of government "in." 
({ruction in the art of war. Of cotirsey 
if wo are to prepare' sflldiers mnrh may 
bv said .for tbo proposed school. The 
Negro has stood up beside the best 
nldiers in the world, and he is mure 
willing to light for the ftig than many 
to whom the Sag has meant more in 
privilege. But ia it not worth think- 
ing about that we should be so sudden- 
ly solicitiuus for the training .of the 
Negro in times. of wnr and so little so- 
licitous in times of pcaeel Suppose the 
OoEcrcssnian from Tcnne M ce linil pro- 
positd a great national training school 
for tho Negro fifty years ago In (it him 
batter for the common duties of Ameri- 
can lifef • 

Y. If. 

tun-s of oth 
id other cities. 

Professor Malum', chairman of tha 
Committee on Reunion, caused a stir of 
euthusiastn when he announced tbat tha 
campaign committee reported collec- 
tions of *'.r.!>. with only six membo 
present. Dr. C. H. Turner, captain i 
Tesm IT, came up second, with $120 
and Dr. T. A. Curtis, of Team 14, 
third in line with (SO, and Chaa. II. 
Urn iv u was close np with a collection 
of «**. 

Encouraging remarks were made by 
Kev. B. G. Shaw, Bev. W. H. Peck, 
Rar.'Oaoj E. Stevens and Bev. H. W 
1'nrr and others. Much amusctnenl r w: 
caused In- tho report of the Flyit 
Scjuadrorf which was:. "No money, but 
lotj uf spirit." 

A big feature of the meeting 
flashlight photograph of the enl 
senibly and a aeries of moving pictures 
nf the features of tho meot ing, taken 
under the direction of Prof. A. E. Ma- 
Ions, chairman of the Campaign Com 
mitlee, who is one of the moat cathu 
■iastic workers for the new V. H. C. 
A. building; 


You can not aSord to miss the Lee. 
nirea-ead deneastratums that are be- 
■■sfgivoa i'u the Seaoel of HOnsekecp- 
inJ mi every Thursday evening Mr. J. 
J.tlanu. of the I-neledr Oas Company, 
if' to lecture on Tharaday- eveaisg, 
March 15. It is aosssthiag worth while. 

Come Unto Me All 
Ye That Labor 

Good* Avenue at Cote Bniliinie 
The church, in ita broadest trr 
was started by a working man. 'Jesus 
■ at a carpenter by trade, at. which he 
worked the major portion of bis life 
on earth. He knows what every work 
ing man. knows. . His immediate fol 
lowers went working men. Thc-.ehnreh- 
es today are largely made up of work- 
ing people. The church is .tho work- 
ing man '« noblest institution. Cotue to 
chnrch and see for yourself if this is 
not true. Splendid music at both morn- 
ing and evening services. Come early 
and .listen. It's a restful habit, 
strangers especially wslcome- 

HMciee* 11 a. ra. and 7:30 p. m.; 
flunday school, 13:30 sharp. 
Bev. >L. J. Wkahingtoa, l>. I v. Pastor. 

City Feder ation 

2nd Qa-rttrlylrlwting 



Bev. Watson, of Loaisville. Ky., dw- 
iivercd two sOOl-stirriag sermons Son- 
Ay. AD tha aeabtn highly approet-. 
ated the visiting minister's ssrssus and 
espusstd tt in several ways. Three, 
joined ,'hurch. two aandidates. for bap 
tin. Sunday morning Bav. B. 1L Cole 
will "preoea. After eleven a'asso* ssrv- 
u» bopTisss ssevisso will ho. •ondveted 
by Bar, H. H. Cols' asd Bev. 8. }. J r, ba- 
son . of GsOenvUls, Miss. Wo h**s four 
candidate* f» baptmsa. .^ssday sight 

The second quarterly steeling of the 
City Federation of Clans will be held 
at Phvili. Wkoatley Branch of Y. W. 
C. A. Saturday, March 10th, nt 10 a. 
m. Beprsseatatives from si"! clabs are 
requested to be present. Mrs- Bertha 
T. Baekntrr, president, Mrs. Mildred A a- 
ihony. nseretary. 

rr. faul csromoK, s. n. loois 

ntatk and Baagh Awsjl 

Bsswsl services will Vgm at St, 
Pasl C. E. 8t Loais, Tuesdsy sve- 
niog, Muck 6, to eoatiaus for tares 
— s.. as -v.ngcliw feOsa V.iro; 111. 
will assist .the pastor ia thus me»!- 
iaga. Those who base children sir 
ha land skeald bring thorn 


Ail Sub-Committee* Are Buiy. Encouraging Report) Madt At Each 
Heetiog, W. W. BncLner, General Ckaiman, Urges Workers 
To Hatte. General Butler, Head of Uniform Department of 
Mitionri, Gim Out Program Showing Week Of Actsviliet Neil 

Auto Training 
School For Negro 

Kiniu City, Mo., Special.— A com 
pony of business and professional men 
Id Kansas City have organized to estab- 
lish a training school for Negroes: 
Where they ran learn the fine, points 
of repairing snd caring for nil mnkea 
of lutomobilca, trastion engines snd 
auto truehsas wolj aadrlring^ll mskes 
of csrs. There is not a ■■■hool is this 
psrt of the country thst will admit 
Vegro studenti to team the sotomobile 

The men thst are beliind this school 
say that they believe if is their duty 
i» sec that the Negro yontb is given a 
chance to become n thorough jiutom,,- 
liilo mechanic: as the demand is grow- 
ing svery day for Competent repair men 
and chauffeur*. 

The chauffeur who can drive b eBf 
and docs not understand the repairing 

get s good job in the near future. 

.Then there i* n. great opportunity frrr 
boys to go i D to the rural districts, and 
"pen genres! repair shops anil beenmr 
independent business men. 

The srh'iiul will be located at H2fte2- 
::_:■-'<'. Woodland Avenue. A modern 
si-eam heated brick building, with thir- 
t'-en thousand and two hundred square 
feet of floor space: formerly occupied 
l.y the Sweeney Auto Training Pit I 111 
The WTdnai will stsrt- March !.">.' 
More thsiTflflv students have already 

Tie officer*' of this sihnnl are as 
f.iUowa:-. ■ _ 

Fortune J, Weaver. I-tesids-hl'; Hr. 
Weaver is jiresidfnt nf-the I»k-bI Sr-tn 
Itusineas League nf Orentcr Kansns (Sty: 
masuliu'l <if the Ksccutivc Committee of 
the "XitihiisI Vegrrf Business, league. 
p™«id>nt and general manager of The 
Afro-American 'investment ' Company 
I 'Incorporated!, The largest business 
"f its kind in the srbrld. ' 

Dr,-, Martin U. Itmokins. sseretsry 
and treasurer. One nf Kansas City's 
most .proiiiincot physicians who nays 
iu#s on savend d.illnc wortk 
ft properly lb Kansas City. 

Mr. James A. IJavis. ficneral fian. 
■iger.'; A man who i( thoroughly ,ih- 
farmed in all .feps rt men t« of the'.aulo- 
mobite business snd hss hern "vplored 
for the jiast five years by a Isrge flrni 
bete iu Kansas, City as a 1-uver of auto- 
mobiles -ami dilircsted metals. 


Tke rlr.wer .Service at Spiritual 
Church, .'".'_■',' Lawton Ave.,' but Friday 
night was quite a success. Rectos 
IVeathrrfiird was well pleased with tha 
result* snd he hopes the people will 
•ontpiue to rally to their bnilding fund 
:'itil tli.-r are tbie to get their chute*. 


-Last Sunday we enjoyed s sptsitssl 
communion service at tbe usnhl hour, 
.^:M |s. m. !,sit Weitnesdsr nigbt we 
*i,t ,-,t;.. new scnossion to the choreh. 
The pastor, a'rrj enogregation look for- 
ward. to our great aniement, wkiek launched on Easter Sunday and 
!'■ Fustihue every night is the srek, 
■Iftsmg the third ttanday in ApriL'Wa 
sra nlKoning tlr- fsurtA anniversary of 
the pastmaie if Bsnr. Danavuit, Tho 
-'oifram for tkia oecassos will b« pub- 
Kswssl. tn tks Arssaa in the sear futvfs. 
Pastor- Bvasvaa-t is again able to at- 
tend to duties. 

W. W. liuekner, Geneynl Chair miin 
of thu Supreme Lodge Cummitlec, told 
tbe Cummittc", Inst Wednesday night, 
that tho time was not for away era 
the coming - of. oor guest, the Bupreiue 
Knights uf ' I'yihins, North Americn, 
South America, Europe, Asia, Africa 
and Australia, which will meet in the 
city dnring tho month nf August. lie 
said thnt he believed tbat forty thou- 
sand visitors would be in St. Louis At 
that time, and that it was his inten- 
tion to see that do stone was. left un- 
turned, that everybody would be. hos- 
pitably entertainel. 

Ooneral Wm. H. Butler, head of the 
Uniform Department of Missouri, states 
that the program for the week had 
bi'i'ii arranged for the Camp Around 
and there would be mint thing doia E 
every minute. 

Dally Camp Program in Detail 

Camp General K. H. V. Johnson, Ht. 
I.ouis, Mo. 


Official Opening of Camp. 

7:00 A. M.— Cannon Kalute— Rise col- 

0:00 A M.— Guard mount, St. Louis 

2:00 P. M. —Sacred nnd descriptive 
concert, First Reg. bund, Chicago. 
3:00 I'. M — Musical drill, First Regi- 
ment, Illinois. 

3:30 P. M.— Exhibition Drill, Pales 
tine Co. B, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

(:30 P. M.— Dress parade. 


6:00 A. M. - Sr.'i-cille. 

9tO0 A. W— Guard mouat, n— .tiinnles 
1st. Regt., Pennsylvania, Kansas, 
. Alabama, Florida, V. C. North 
Carolina, South Carolina. 

2:00 P. M.— Concert, 1st Regt. bnnd, 
Snd Brigade band, Pittsburgh, Pa., 
9th Battalion band, Columbus, .0. 

Sl» P.M.— Es»ibition ■ drill. Columhia 
Battle Aie Cadet Co., St. I-onis. 

5:30 P. M-— Dress, parade. 


fi;00 A. It— He 'el He.. 

9:00 A. M-— Gusrd mount, -t'omrianicf. 
1st and 2nd Regiments. Ohio, Miss., 
Twkaa, fieorgin, . OklshMua,., and 
Mlnnescts: , ." . 

2:00 P. M-— Concert 1st Rent. Q»<W 
Band, St.- Ixmis, Mo.. 2nd Begt. 
Band. Philadelphia, Pa., and Cadet 
Band. Birmingham, Ala., First 
Regt. Band, Indianapolis. I ml. 

3:00 P. M.— Musissl drill. First Keni 
■ent. Illinois. 

3130 P. M,— Eahibition drill, 1'alesliae 
^^-B, Cincinnati, O. 

5:30 P. M— Dress Parade. Fsrort tu 
tie Cob".. " 

8:00 PI M.— Parade and Pythiun.Mordi 
.Qras. , 

Governor's Diiy, Mayor and City 
6:00 A. M-- It exilic. 
9:00 A. M.— Uuard mount, Cumpanies 
1st Regt. Indiana, Ulioois, Mary- 
land, Arkansas.- New Vnrk, New 
Jersey nnd Michigan. 
10(PNA. M.-'-Cmnp. sermon, St.' I.ouis 
Chiirc-has and Choirs in sttendanee. 
Co].- Rev. E. L. Oiitiatn officiating 
Sncrcd concert by 1st' Regt.. Band, 
Charleston, W. Vs.. nnd 2nd Itogt. 
Bond, Kansas Cily. Mo. 
2:00 P. M. — General Inspection and 

5:30 P!-M.— Dress Parade. 

SlOO A. M.— Reveille. 
9:00- A. M.— Guard Mount, 2nd Regt.. 
Pennsylvania, Missouri (eicept St. 
I..,iiisi, Keiiincky, Tennessee, No- 
braaka, and West Virginia. 
1:30 P. M.— Priic drill, rlnss "D" nnd 

Battalion Drill. 
8:00 P. M.— Dress Parade. 

FRIDAY, AUG. 24th 
0:00 A. M.— Reveille. 
8:00 A. M. — l.i'iivi- camp grounds. 
10:00 A. M.— Parade. 
£:30 P. M.— Musical drill, 1st Regt. 

.'1:00 P, M— Price Drill. Ctdet Cos. 
5:30 P. M.— Dress Parade. 

5:30 A. M.— Revsllle. a. y, Ultasl- niTMC 

Monday Night .—Public reception. 

Tuesday A. M.— (a) Opening session 
nf Siij.-.'iiii' l.iidye; tfb) Opening session 
• if Supreme Cnurl of Calsnthe. ■ v . 

Tuesday Night.-- "Pythian Msrdi Grss 
Parade. Grest dtamatie .patatfi'. The ' 
D. O. K.K., of Loule/ille and Indisn- 
tpolis nlll be given tln-"p<ist of tumor. 

Wednesday A. M.— At the Camp 
gruunds. Camp sermon, St. Louis 
churches ami choirs in atri-nitnnee. > 

krnor-h' hay 

Wednesday Night.— The Great Na- 
tinnal hand and musical eiioccrl and 
miliu.r;- bull nt the Cnliieum. 

Thursday Af^nirion.— At Csmp 
gruuml". t'ompnnr nrsil bstlaliun prlr.e 

Thursday. Night.— Memorial eier- 

Fridsy 10 A. M. - A great street pa- 
raile.-with lO.flOO in tine. 

Friday Night.— Prise drills at Coll 


PsanS at Conference on Magro aflgra- 

Uob by Matlnul Lsasn* on Otbui 

qonditipns Among Negroea. at 

Now York City, Jan. 26 

Negroes arc imgrating-.tu the North 
in asprserttrnlrd -numbers and sr» pre- 
paring to crime in greater numbers in 
■he spring. They are attracted by 
the Isrger wages offered and by the 
uppostuoitics to enjoy larger persim- 
al, political and civic froodom. In some 
ni-tions nf the South, they stand in 
constant grind of 'personal violence 
and are leaving to escape oppression. 

This Conference of Negr» M,igrati™. 
assembled: under thy auspices of th- 
-.:i!:.i"si league on- Urban OasaSsoaas 
among Negroes, dishes to. go on record 
s> believing: 

I. That ^his is the time <if all 
for Negroes/of the Month and whites 
of- the HoubJi to arrive at a better un- 
derstanding of each other and of tke 
value of tbe two'sacfo to eae^i othrt. 

II. That the Negroes' industrial op- 
portuajiies in the North sre MHMl| 
thst Onrtbern employers are securisg 
sn.i cs'u secure Negro ■ labor, depend- 
sble, loyal, constant American labor 
md nhnt this labor-should mrt be abused 
or exploited, but should 6e cared for 
ss well as any other labor. 

lit That, although 
Negroes in excess of the normal migrs 
tioa have left the .Snath sraee April 
last and more are to follow, stiH tkc 
grest mass of tse N'.-gru population of 
the United States will remain is the 
»utn*n.d. ? 

J, la tho South: - That' wherevel 
inissible. whttlier in the city uf rural 
fliwlsijlltj , ' i.rgan nation i be formed 
with tie following purposes: — 

|s) To. foster good feeling bctwesa 
the i»u races. 

. (t)> Ti, study the health, school snd 
work, leads-. Of, the Negro .population. 

■ffj To develop agencies and stimu- 
late activities to meet those .needs. 
1 (d) lly tra'inisg and health protec- 
tion .to lucrenseVbc industrial inWw 
cy of N'rgroes^and to encourage a fair- 
er 'attitude toward Negro labor, Oapo- 
cially iil regard tn hours', conditions and 
I ajlll ill J "1 w.,rt snd standard of 

(e) To increase the. respect forjnw 
and the unb-rlv ndminiat ration of jus- . 

II. In the North:- That similar or. 
gnniratiims bl _form'd or eiisting or- 
ganiiatiuns urgi-il to take action which, 
in addition' in the purposes already 
mcntii.n-.l,' shsll seek to iaatruct the 
Negro migrants: ( 

(aj As to thh' dress.' habits and 
method* uf . living necessary to with- 
stand the rigurs uf tho northern eli- 

nmto.' As ' 

(b) As to the eOciency, regularity 
and application demanded of workera 
in Use' North- 

(c) As to the danger of dealing or 
going with unscrupulous or vicious per-' 
sons asd of frequenting qaostionablc' 

(d) , As "to the opportunities . nffeCed 
by the town* and cities of the Nortn In 
schools, hospitals, police proteetioa and 

(e) As to facilities offend by the 
and other organizations. 

Wait for the '■' Life of Christ" in' 
moving pictures, sad the wonderful 
Wisstos Trio." at Lane Tabcmscic, 
3MM Fairfax. March 12, 19IT. 


nnuuna,. Ttow. 

'Flic Peoples Undertaking Company 
purchased a flue black hearse. ... 
Thomas Paiki returned to Nuh- 

«, altar ■ pleasant star here 

U'd Mm. John Daly -gava a sur- 

ptjttj at their home February 88, 

enjoyable Urns w»» .pcut by all... 

erly Conference at tho A. M. B. 

was not' Up 'to the standard. 


By Mr*. 1m»U bird 

Iplendid service nraa lu-til at Black- 
Chapel laat Sunday at 3 p. in. 
E. L. Clark, of Wellston A. M. 
Church, delivered a wonderful ser- 
B. Kev. 8. D. Davis, F, W. Alstolk, 
Louis, T. W. Walks, of K. St. 
J. 1.. Brooks and Foarson, of 
>r, were alio present. Collodion 

•A Martha and Geo. Washing 

oncert will be given at Black well 
da the 15th of Marsh, under th* 
of tho miuisnavy society for 
neSt of the church. . . .A surprise 
was given in honor of Mrs. Boss 
forty-sixth birthday at her 
Saturday evening, March 3, by 
[Waters; Mrs, Mary Baas* and Mrs. 
Former, of St. Louis.. A four 
lenu UBS 'served. .. .Mrs. Mar- 
at Lewis departed Monday night, 
pii 5, for her home, l*ulaski, Tettn.. 
(Tiny spent since Thanksgiving with 
children. Mrs. Loola Laird, M. M. 
■Morrison, Mr. Jone C. and Henry I. 
Lewis. . . .Mi>. Sarah Goodin has. been 

indisposed for several weeks Misses 

Margaret, Edna, Haste* Luther and 
Mr. Henry St. James spent Sunday aft- 
ernoon in Meacbam Park visiting the 

home of Mr. Spears Miss Cynthia 

Rhodes spent Sunday in St. Louis with 
her mother, Mrs.. Nettie Rhodes. .Mrs. 
M. E. Haskins entertained to dinner 
last Sunday, Rev. S. D. Davis^ of St. 

Louis, and Rev: C. F. Collins Mrs. 

Mattio Burki is indisposed A ten- 
day series. of meeting began at Pilgrim 
Zion Baptist Church, So. Clayton, last 
Sunday. Everybody is cordially in- 
vited. Rev. L. W. Chsney is con- 
ducting the meeting. . . . Union A. M. E. 
'-Church will have sartament service at 
3- o'clock. Revival services will begin 
Msrch 11,, to run indefinitely. TneS' 
Jay, the 13th, Rev! Dobbins, of Way- 
man A. M. K. Church will conduct 
tho. service, under the auspices of the 
A. M. E. Church A cordial invitation 
is extended to all. Rev. W. H. Fear- 


En hair IWasassj an d « saving. A Mai 
is all I ask. Mr*. Js*. N. Bessley, 1100 
rT. Cornell avenue, W-bstcr Groves. 

Mr. B. Johnson, sod of Mr.' Ella 
Johnson ha* arrived in Alton from Mis- 
sissippi, to make his home with bis 
mother Hev. Mitcbel ipoke at the 

-( 'hi ijj be 11 A. -M. E. Church Sunday 

tveawg. ExcelTsat 

was furnished 

by Russell's orchestra and- tha choir. 
....The Illinois Republican dub met 
at Crown Ball Monday night. .. '.Serv- 
ices were bald at the Onion Baptist 
Church Sunday night, under the direc- 
tion of the Mon's League. Music, was 

furnished by the men's chorus. 

Mrs, .Pauline Jones spent Sunday in 
St. Louis visiting her sister, who 1* ill. 
Mr. Bobt Lowry, of Indianapolis, Ind., 
is visiting his mother, Mrs. Mamie Low- 
ry. ...Rev. G. I.. 1 Mason was called to 
Monmouth Monday on business. ...The 
Sewing Circle, of the' Union Baptist 
Church, met ■ at UM residence of Mr*. 
Ida Hutchinson* Thursday afternoon, 
Msrch 1. A Lugs number attended and 
all enjoyed a pleasant afternoon.. 

re now in a campaign to raise money 
i build a new church at the north 
de. Their plans for the building have 

already been completed and work will 

begin soon. 

DM,' HO. 

By Miss Days* F. Baker 

After a delightful visit of twc. 

month* w^h her mother, Mr*. V. E 

Williams has returned to her 'home 

at Chilli.'othc, Mo Mr. Petor Bwinrk 

has returned from u, visit with rela- 
tives at Coffinnn, .Mrs. Scott received 
:i message Isst Week announcing the 
death of her brother, Mr. Frank Scott; 
which occurred at Sf. Louis. . The re 
mains were- brought to Horino for in 

ferment Mrs. Geo. Meyers is at 

home preparing to move to Crystal City. 
Wo regret to lose tbis family from 
our midst Mr. and Mr*. Lewi* Mur- 
phy were here from Crystal City Sat 
unlay to attend to business- matters. .. 
Misses Luetta and Helen Matthias en- 
tertained tbe Industrial Club, Monday 
evening at tbe residence of Mrs. W. U. 
Spurlock, where they proved them 

selves quite splendid hostesses Bov. 

A. L. Reynolds is assisting Rev. A. 
1'ost on in a meeting at Festus, Mo. 
Mr. Sylvester Swink was seen on 
streets last week. . , :Mrs. Felix Poston 
returned From St l^uis, Friday, when 
she had a delightful visit with rebv 

fives Rev. W. H. Spurlock vu at 

his post of duty Sunday evening 

Little Virginia Burks i* ill witb pneu- 
monia Mr. 'J. M. Fulton, of Bonne 

Terru, was in our midst Sunday. . 
Mr. Percy Swink' has' accepted work 
at Bonne Terrp, M*... ..Mrs. .Wesley 
Douthlt h** recovered lufflciently t 
about*in her home... Tbe Argus will 
nan quite a friend to you during tbia 
H. C of I... for in it you see some of 
the advantages of saving tbe dollar 
that was already earned. 


Kin* B Itfper ■ 

.Miss Louise Ellis, teacher, .of Ed 
wardaville, ill., visited her parents 
here Sunday. . . .Rev. H. ('. Houston, of 
E. St. Louis, a missionary of 'the Mt. 
Carmel Association, visited Rev. CM 
Miller, Monday. .. .Miss Carrie Hobi'n 
son, of St. Ixiuia, is here,- under tht 

rare of Dr. T J. Jackson Mrs. N 

Howell,' of St. Paul, Minn., is guest of 
relative* here. ...Mrs. Maude Spotaer 

la at the bediide of her mother in Ma 

con, Mo Hiss Qorinna Johnson left 

for Moberly for 'an indefinite stay..., 
Bev, Turner, wife -and daughter, of 
Augusta, Mo., worshiped at Mt, Zion 
Baptist Church Sunday. .Tho Citizen's 
Forum was agreeably surprised Monday 
with a visit from Mayor J. N. Olson. 
He gave some very encouraging re- 
marks. ... Head the Argus and keep up 
with progressive race newt 

. By E. E. Williams 

The rally at Wesley Chapel Sunday 

was quite a success Mr*. Joseph 

Moiley was the guuat of her mother, 
Mrs. Elmira William*- Sunday; .. .Mra. 
William Wooda and daughter, Mia* 
Murine .visited relative* in St. Loui* 
and E. St, Louis Saturday and Sunday. 
Mrs. Win. Brown i* somewhat better. 
. .'. .Mr. Floyd Brown i* ill. 

By V. M. Johnson 

Mr. an, 1 Mrs. 8. Yanoy hsve moved 

from Alton, 111., where they have been 

spending the winter Bev. E. D. 

Queison berry preached an excellent ser- 
mon Sunday. :.'. .. .Mr. Arthur Snflars, 
who broke hi* leg, is slowly improving. 
.'...Mrs. F. Johnson, Mr. Arthur Bell 
and^MIss M. Taylor aro able- ti>. be out 


By Miss H. N. Jones 


ill be a Grand Musical Con 
cert .given by Williams Jubilee Sing 
era at the Opera House, March 35. Tick 
ets aro on sale at the Equomsi St., bar 
ber .hop, Mr. C. W. Wiley, Mr. Davi< 
Watson or from tho parsonage of tht 

A. M.'.E. Church (shielding ShBdow, 

which is being shown at Booker Wash- 
ington Theatre every Friday night, is 

drawing enthusiastic crowd* Mr. 

J. C. Smith, who has been feeling some- 
what indisposed, returned from a short 
visit with bis father in Jackson last 
week. .'..A splendid Sunday school and 

B. Y. P. U. services were enjoyed at 
Pleasant Green Baptist Church 

day Rev. J. H. Henderson reports 

two good services at Heley Chapel Bap- 
tist Church Sunday. ...At tbe A. M. !■:. 
Church, a very enthusiastic class meet 
ing followed an unusually large morn 
ing service with one converainn and 

two addition* Mr. and Mr*. 

M iil;;i i have moved their family out 

in tho north end of town Mrs. Ethel 

StaCeu in the new Argus resder for the 


By Mrs. -c. P. Jackson 
Meadames.n. Jones and I.. Bay 
hostesses to the Stewardess Board of 
tho A. M. E Church last Tuesday night 
Much business was transacted tad ■ 
report for tM for the last quarter wai 
made. A two course menu was served. 

Rev. O. ,C. Chinn returned home 

Isst Wednesday from Pueblo, Colo. 

Little Hortence Wyslt is confined with 

the smallpox ttev. A. J. Anthony 

preached an interesting sermon Hun- 
day night at Central Baptist 'Church. 

wBVm, Hunt la ill at bit home on 
Valley Street. ...Mra. James Blue and 
Miss Eva Burton were the 'guest* of 

the A rgua. reporter Bunday Rev, T. 

Parish returned home last Thursday 
from E. St. Louis. .„ .Mr. Peto demons 
is able to resume his duties again.... 
Mrs. Lena Danelly is indisposed at her 

home on Oak Street Mr, W; M 

Evans, of Garfield Street, who has been 
confined in the Missouri Pacific' Hospit- 
al, St, Louis, returned homo Saturday 
Bight, accompanied by his wife and 
Mr. E. Hay. Ho is yet in a serious 
condition. . Kev W. W. Moore preached 
at Central Baptist Church Monday 
night..'. .Rev. Parish is indisposed at 
his home on Benton Street. 

Vital Importance 
„.. To The Ladies 

bMtrawa, sWwiag, beautiral, U*>«. 
•••Bight hair; cac one jar of Zjaswl 
Hair Grower and Straighteaer. Pihi, 
M cents, sent prepaid cv**srwhert Hst- 
i>Wc agent* wanted. Zynel Toilet 
rrodact* Co., e South Swing Ars,, 
H. Lstnt*. Mo. . 


"I don't worrk any more) over Susi- 
neea. I used to. I've walked tbe floor 
many a night wondering bow on eorth 
I was going to- get, the money to pay 
bills which were almoat due, and not 
a. cent In sight. 

"One morning, when I came to tbe 
•tore after a sleepless Job of worry- 
ing. I backed myself up agnioat tbe 
counter and talked aome plain aenae to 
myself. I said, 'Henry, what are yon 
making such a fool of yourself for) 
You don't owe . that money. It- la not 
a debt. The business owea It not yon. 
It there's any worrying to do, let the 
bnntnean do It. If the liusincs* can't 
pa* lta debts lt'l bankrupt, and if If ■ 
bankrupt you don't want It and yon 
onght to let It go and get another one 
thin can pay Its debts. If tbe buKlnea* 
doesn't pull -Itself together and pay 
lta bills aa they fall doe, If you've giv- 
es the business a fair chance to make 
good for itself, you're not to blame. 
Xou've no cause to worry. And any- 
how what sort of a chance are you giv- 
ing It with your bloodshot eyea and 
brain all tired and mussed up. Henry, 
don't be a darned fool.' 

"Prom the time I had that little con- 
versation with myself, talking us a 
man to the merchantman, I've not had 
any trouble with my- business. I've 
given It a better chance. It pays lta 
bllla. Its debts are not debts till 
they're due when they are covered by 
notes or acceptances. I've gone home 
at night knowing that the business 
•wed all" or "seven thousand dollars. 
»ad to save my life I didn't know 
whera the business waa going to get 
tha money to meet the acconnta when 
they became debts due and payable. 
But the business keeps right along pay- 
ing Its bllla, paying me and my family 
a good living and a chnuce to help 
bouat the town, and best of all, there's 
nut a merchant In the state who has 
a better time, feela better, gets more 
f'.irt out of hla work, and stands better 
wttn the' creditors of tne business! than 
does little old Henry W" 






Mra. Victoria Ciuy-Halty 

10» N. Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 


CMAS. 0. WATSON, Prop. 

Trie [viifc Cut Rate DRUGGIST. ' " < Everybody Weicea 

w Located at COMPTON and LACLEDE AVB. 

White' people who have bought more 
than on* thousand lots in old Kiuloch 
Park have been paying the same pries* 
an the unit term* aa the Colored poo 
ply who have bougbt In Boutu Einloch 
Park. If there la any dillercnee, the 
Colored people have been getting the 
beat of it, because South Einloch Park 
i* nearer the city and has better, street 
car service.' 

The good Colored people of South 
Kiuloch Park have built themselves a 
little city of which they have a_ right 
to be proud. 

Mure than a hundred homes, . three 
churches, and. a splendid public school 
have-bean built in the. laat few years. 

And now we have something new 
that is going to mean a bigger and bet- 
ter South Kialoch Park. N 

We have been able to induce a anm- 
ber of white people of good standing 
to eome in with u* and co-operate with 
us — to help with their money, their in- 
fluence and their good will to make 
South Einlochi Park a bigger and bet- 
ter place for tha aelf-respeetlng Negro 
to live and make hla home. 

We have given these people a big 
there of our profits In order to gel 
their help, because we bellevo it i* for 
the benefit of everybody concerned. 

We have always been ready to gtva 
land to the churches at a nominal price 
—because we believed they would help 
South Klnloeh Park. 

We have always been ready to give 
land to schools and public institutions 
at a nominal pries — because we believed 
they would belp South Klnloeh Park. 

And now we. art) giving land to a cer- 
tain number of white people of good 
•tending at a nominal price because 
we believe their money, their influence 
and their good will are going to help 
South Klnloeh Park. 

If yon have sny, friends who have 
been thlnklngjpf buying, urge them to 
corns out now'beeaoa*' there ar* bigger 
and better things la store for South 
Klnloeh Park. ' ' . 




Mi M AJUtnTF #t 
MOseaVJ LA11TKIN8, Pre*. 

n*HB evening acsooL 

The sooking and sewing glasses o: 
Baaaaktr Evening Sehool, Losaa 
Ewing Ave*., offer apland 
tie* to women and young girls wishing 
instructions in tho** braasha*. Tha 
sehool is .opaa every Monday, TTiitss* 
iisr aad Friday 'rom 7 to 9 'f. aa. 
Everything Is frw\ 


onci' i*a th' oat' coast o 1 Aintks. an' 
from where tL ship lay an eowU see plasty o" giralf * aa' ostriches 
cruuutT round an th' desert, aa* it hem* about TlvastfUfivin' time 
them big birds leaked mighty ttmptin' t* us. Well, one day w* 
sights th' hull o' aa ol' bird wot 'ad seem kilUd duria' tb' night, 
an' that'* how th' notion got into «vr hands t 'spris* an* »' them 

laMcftwsafc aharna aa taf lUjfjai ■ssaarT aa* 
draeased l*aa sashsT BV aaaa**s»h f wait seders, vTc ssraht hear 
•V ahaatap «■ tsaansanm ptn«> saaaasr, a«' assan a>A sejt thsry •**> 
I— ,• war w ear, s. ■*> «s^ M . .** aw *- «r 

fKP* 1 '*!*, 

a. "Wall, artar a big argtoaant we got th' skipper t' put on 
th' ostrich afcitt an' started out t' nu down three 'at w* lighted 
inland wan*. You'd never thought th' of man 'tut a' don* it, bat 
he wu* aicerd t' (rust me an* Bill, I raekos, far faar we'd let 'em 
git away. Well, air, th' flgger th' ol' man cut in that rig 'ud make 
tou die a' lama*, an' w* couldn't hardly hold In til M back 'u» 

kavbi" thrown hi* fires rani 
hanlaat) they *»» oathia* f > 
iou'4 aeuwr* It HI Uld y< 

t, ' "I'd give a purty. fer a p'Ctur* o' thr ikippcr tsckin' of! t 1 

Uaward o' then three birdi 'ith th' ship's tun stowed aVar under 
bis w-ng I didn't have much faith m-th' scheme, an' 'us anp>. 
prised (ha; *id't get luspicioua. an'.wt sail, but they didn't, an' 
niter circiin' 'round th' ol' man fer a spell them .three, ostriches 
gl*e a whoop a n' bora down oa tb' c ap i n' like a nor'westcr. 

t ''He^u* tailed f death t'.« me, sb' aothin"u<i do but 
'that w* all stay, an' eat tunnlugivin' mess "ith bioi a* ha 'ad a 
hag ostrich roastuV on rh 1 Are at th' time. We'd started Ml artet 
oatrieh, hut hadn't figgered on find in* bim cooked f a turn. Some 
folk* prefers turkey, hat let aa* state that ostrich it good eaough 
<« as*.- . ' . 


I ~:Z I 

V —»■■ ) ■ ' ■■' ■ 

3br iR £ohw Krmm 


( ■ W* THE ■ , 


J. K ts*TaV*HILL--.- M mi fc l l 

nriMMtT T. HKAIK>W6 City Bbsaas asa. A*is«saa*« fc 

WaLLIAM HABOLC K1MG ... ...,.*..-*.j?. ... 


i AM LHUHIbtall 

.Matirna ■£.!<■• a.iidi 



The niiiservfiiion'of health is ,a question, no doubt, which Has 
CQiiie fnt'e to face vdtli every mlult of. the rape. Yet how few are 
those among "s who are making any toiiRilile effort .10 ward off din- 
eases, st><str as habits hihI tonne surroundings are concerned. 

This matter should he given serious consideration by all classes 
of people. Sirniijr hodies and strong minds are ttie most valuable 
assets a people fan have, '••'■ 1 . 

An official call has been made liy Mr. Kmniett St'ott, of Tuske- 
t;ee, asking 'hat, daring the 'week of- April 22-28, special attention 
be given eleaninjr. painting and beautify inn the home, and yard. In 
speaking nf the neneral movement, Mr. Scott said, in part:' 

"In addition to tlie co-operation of the leading organizations 
amoiin the Colored people, si also shall have the eo-operalion of the 
leading white organizations that are tvurkiiia: for health improve- 
ment ■ jn the country, us for example: The National Anti-Tuberculosis 
Association, The National , Child Welfare Association, The Alabama 
Anti-Tuberculosis Association, The Southern States' Ant i-Tubereulo- 
s-is Workers, The Metropolitan Life Insurance "Company, The I'ru- 
deatiol Life Insurance Company, The United Stales Public Health 
Service, and the various- State and City Health Departments." 

The need of continued, efforts to improve Nearo health condi- 
tions was especially emphasised at the Tuskepee Workers' Confer- 
ence, which had for its subject, "Health Improvement -for^ Effi- 
ciency.". It was pointed, o.ut that ill health among; Vegroes it caus- 
ing. urianeia.1 losses greater than "the combined revenue* raised by 
towns, counties and states tlironirhout the South; that education and 
health improvement will double NeRro efficiency ; that tuberculosis 
among Negroes costs the South, annually, enough to establish three 
thousand five hundred (:t,f>(X)) factories, which. might employ seven 
.hundred thousand (TtUVWl persons: that .contrary to the popular 
idea, malaria is more common amotiif. Negroes than among whites; 
that, in the malaria sections of the South, two Negroes to'one white 
person have malaria each year. It is through such efforts as the 
National. Negro Health Week that it. is hoped health conditions 
among Kegrom will be" greatly improved. 


All through Hie far South the prediction is made that the spring 
will see an exodus of Colored peojjc to the North in unprecedented 
number*. The outlook is.lieginijing t* > alarm, not only the southern 
while, but many thoughtful Colored men "are itravely concerned^ In 
some sections Negro busineas and professional men fear that they 
will feel the. effects. , • 

(If course, this movement of our people [roui the South (o the 
North is not an entirely unmixed Massing. . There mil be local and 
temporary disadvantages both in the Southend the North, but in 
the final' result the benefit* to the raee will bo if> overwhelmingly 
ureat as to cause ihe disadvantages to be lost to sight. 

The sentiment is 1 win jt expressed that the Negro in leaving the 
South is guilty of some sort of apostasy. Some people seem to feel 
that he is under a kind of moral.or religious-uliligation to remain in 
the. South. The truth is, the Neuro has every reason for leaving the 
South if ■ he can better his condition by doing so. Germans and 
Italians ort-i Hreelis. and people »f nearly every other nationality, 
lave come to this country and foresworn allegiance ti> their native 
lands, in order to better their condition; the Negro is only going 
from one aectoimi of his own country to another, but if this move- 
ment entailed his foreswearing the South he would he justified in 
so doing. 

There is absolutely nothing in,the mere 'phrase, "The South is 
the l<e*t place for (be Negro." .The bestrpiacc for the Negro is; as 
for any other man. the place where he ckn do beat. The only way 
to put any substance' into the phrase is for the southern white people 
to make the South the bent pho-e for the Negro, or. better, allow him 
to do it for himself. ■ * /-, 

The conditions that have come about have given the Negro, bis 
first opportunity to register, an effective protest against the ireat- 
ntent he has- so long endured, and he is showing his common sense. 
and manly sense in seising the opportunity. The tone of the south 
em press shows that the protest is going to produce results. 

Let the movement go on! The only danger that could arise 
would be for Colored people to go North faster than the economic 
demand there could take them in;, but there seems tobe no inVme : 
.diate prospect of that. • J 

It is strange to think how the great war in Europe is working 
out for the good of the Colored peoples of the wbrtd, and especially 
for the Colored people of the United Slates. . The race might well 
join inaiagin? th*t good old hymn, "find worka^jrn a Mysterious way; 
His wonders to perform." — Nesr'Topfc Age, 




' FRONT, - 


Airman Active at Bruges and Ge r 

mans Claim to Havs Brought 

Down Sevan — Russia Claim! 

Bjttle Continue*. 

Parts, Feb. ie:-rrTench detach 
ments made an attack between lh< 
Oise aad the Ataae and -penetrat' il 
to the second Oennan Hoe, the win 
office announces. The statement fat 


"Between the OUe and the Allni 

ws made a surprise attack on the 
enemy trenches In the region ot Pa) 
aalelne. Detachments poshed lor 
ward as far ss the second Germi'^ 
line, blowing np defense works sift . 
shelters and Inflicting lrreparsbl" 
leases op the enpmy." \ 

Berlin Admits Rttr*st, 
Berlin, Feb. 16.— "Between th» 
Homme and .the Ancre there w».- 
spirited artillery fighting," says th- 
official statement given ant here. "l;i 
the Champagne, south of Rlpont, In 
nmtrr eopobAts developed. 

"Gwniiii troops, In the region b» 
twsen Serre snd the River Soiutu" 
In France, withdrew -from some ol 
their advanced positions. In accori 
ance with orders from their command 
er. Seven entente airplanes Wer- 
broaght dowa by the Germans. 

Teutonic farces stormed the Riu 
alsa positions along s front ot 1€0 
yards north of the ZiiK-lsfiff-Tnrrop..' 
Rallrosd, In Qallcia. After destroy 
lag the hORtlle trenches, the Austro 
Germans withdraw, taking with them 
281 prisoners. 

Attacked by Allied Alrplsnsl. 

London, Feb. If. — "Naval airplanes 
attacked the harbor and shipping ot 
Bruges." saya an official ■ late men 1 
Issned. "A considerable weight of 
bombs was dropped with most sac 
eesiful results. 

"One of our airplanes was shol 
down by a Fokker, The pilot snd ob- 
server were captured, after bsrlne 
homed their mschlne. A second Fnk. 
ker was eagaged and deitroyeit 
by sn escorting machine at -a range 
of W yards." 

JPetrograd. Feb. IS— An attack waa 
begun by Teutonic troops near Zlotrh- 
ofr. In Gallclt, east' of L^muerg. The 
bsttle Is still In progress. 





Emlsssrits Fall to LI.e Up to the 
PromliM ot Kaiser— Way Be- 
hind on Average. 

New Tort,. Feb. IS.— Last January 
■1 the German government pro- 
claimed unrestricted warfare upon the 
. It wu stated semiofficially 
that the German IT-boata would de- 
stroy 3,000,000 tons of . entente and 
neutral ahlpplng In three' months, 
thereby starving th» United Kingdom. 
To do this Oerman aabtnarjiies would 
bare, to alnk 1.000,000 tons it. ibln- 

ng a month. 

Fifteen day* have passed. In thst 
time J1S.Z59' tona of shipping has 
been lent in. the bottom by eubma- 
rlnm and mine*: This does not In- 
clude tra^wleni. The average has be^o 
14J50 tona a day. To link 1,004.1106/ 
tons a month it would have to be 3!.- 
S60. tons a day. Germany 'therefore bV 
1S.IG0 tons s day beblnd In het iv- 


Food Prebera. Make fcttrprieing Aiu 

Bounument — Matter* Can Be 

Handled by Stelae.' 

WaehingtOD. Feb. t«.— Illegal com- 
blnatlonn among coal dealers .and 
"other ■ small merchant" eilst tn 
Cleveland .and dttter western cities, 
it was announced at- the department 
of Justice, but since they are"purp|)t 
state" matters,' 1 the federal depart- 
ment can n.ot prosecute them. 

The "Illegal -codibtaatlona". were 
discovered in the high food and coal 
price probe conducted by Special' As- 
sistant Attorney. General George W. 

The department ' officially , in - 
noanced Its probe ot food prices con- 
cluded and that It had failed to un- 
cover any violations of the Sherman 


Board Order. Th*t No Reference Bs 

MadO to Present Crisis— 

T. s»h «r» Rebel. 

Trenton, M J, Feb. U.—n mallnloa 
ts brewing in the public schools her*. 

In a letter to Superintendent of 
Schools Msckey. Herman C. HusUer, 
gresldent of the board of sdoeatMa. 
orders that, no reference ba made la 
the schools to'the crlsla hi the Oes- 
m an- American .sttoatloa, 
war between the two countries 

Teachers Save ana.!] 10 1 
ssMt. They derlant that ndr 
d*r reawts against 9**r'rtV- 
tludef the tceeMrg ." 1 ... ' 

to Take Mattsr 

Prswtdent Expoctod 

Up With Co: 

Situation Remain. Acuti 
Mors irritating Dally. 

Berlin, Feb. IS.— The American, 
men who were brought prisoners to 
Germany ou the British ateamer.Tar- 
rowdale hare been liberated. 

The British steamer Yarrowdale 
was one of the vessels captured by 
a German raider In. the South AUanr 

harbhr December 31 with MB prison! 
ere on board, anions whom were Tl 
Americans. Early in the present 
month— the day ot severing of diplo- 
matic relations with Germany — too 
United States government demanded. 

the release «f ths. Americans. The 
following day it wga announced that 
Germany had acceded u the demand 
Later, It was announced the men ware 
being held until asauraacea had been 
received as to the safe departure of 
Count von Bernstorff aad the German 
consuls and the safety of Oerman war- 
bound ships In American waters 

Washington,- Feb. lg.— News' of the 
liberation of the 72 American seamen 
brought to Germany by the Prise ahlp 
Yarrowdale came after President 
Wilson 'wnd other administration off! 
olah had retired. Their release dis- 
poses of one of the most pressing and 
Irritating phases of the "— — gal 
American situation. 

A note peremptorily demanding of 
Germany that the Americans be re- 
leased was expected to go forward to- 
day. It waa considered probable now, 
however, that the government would 
ayah official confirmation of press 
dispatches telling of tho freeing of 
the Americans before deciding on the 
dispatch of the note. 

Any doubt as to the ruthless cnar 
acter of the new submarine campaign 
and IU viola lion of neutral . rights 
Idng since hsa disappeared, and the 
situation Is made graver dally by eg 
traratlug incidents. 

Even If the -president delays going 
to congress longer than It Is believed 
In most quarters he win, tho prases' 
session comsa t* an end in lass than 
three weeks, and It is regarded ss In- 
evitable that he will deliver another 
address on German-American rela- 
tions before congress adjourns. 


British Cruiser* Glasgow and Ame- 
thyst Rout Two German Pirates 
Off Brsarll. 

Bio- de Jsudro, Feb. IE. — An officer 
of the British cruiser Glasgow baa 
confirmed reports of a recent naval 
battle off Fernando do Noronha, HE 
miles oft the eaat extremity of Brazil, 
according to the newspaper Rub. 
. The Qlaagov. however, took no part 
in the engagement. The commander 
received a report of the fighting only 
on the following day, through a wire- 
less messsge from the British' cruiser 
Amethyst, which sjone «ave battle to 
the German raider*. 

Tbe real right occurred near F*r- 
nado de Noronha. One of the- raiders, 
seriously hit, waa obaerved to be sink 
lug. Tbe others made- their escape. 
Night prevented the Amethyst from 
ascertaining to whst extent they had 
beea damaged. That .{hey had been 
damaged, however, la considered prob- 
able. One raider la believed to have 
beacbed'in a battered condition. 

The Amethyst aiffered slight dam- 
age and .bad a few wounded sod one 
man killed. 


All Eastbound Freight fee Export rVIII 

Bs Held Ub Food Hsa 

Right of Wsy. 

Washington,. Feb. 11— -A 'virtual 
embargo ou all .ecstbound freight In 
the United States, waa agreed upon 
by ■ representatives of IE of the eaun 
try'i btggdst railroads, who met bere 
yesterday afternoon to discuss beat 
measures to relieve the present 
freight congestion. ■ 

Commissioner McChord of the Inter 
state commerce coenmlaaion, who at 
tended the meeting, gave bis informal 
approval .of the plan. 

All food shipments for data—tic 
consumption will be given right ot 


wise— win be held until goaranteo 
are given that a ship ts ready nt east 
ers ports. so cars may bs lmmedlstely 

Fifteen trsmloauta of grain and 
Door will ho rushed to the. Bast ev- 
ery week to relieve mainly the grain 
altmlliilV In. Nww ffhgrml Munitions 
and other shipments sot argent- will 
ha wSlKrwd. ~ ' 

Chicago. Feb is:— "Billy" Sunday 
as corning to Chicago Sept M to purge 
- 1 ; y in America' oi 
This was snnonaeed after 
■at ib- Chicago nsdsy cam 

They have four, big coal sheds: No. 5 
8. Ewiag, 2E7 8.' I-efflngwell. 412 R. 
"^asrwsli and UOJt. Swusg. Jssak. 
iij- One of. St. Louis! most successful 
men." ' They ran 4 ash' wagons snd T 
eoal wsgons, daily. Will deliver 1.1 
baskets of coal' to any part of the city 
for SI. 00. Hani ashes from nnv part 
of tbe town for 11.25 per load. Banks 
has sold more baskets ot eoal than any 
10 basket coal dealers in the City' since 

and Watkms 
Goal Oo, ' \ 

Asptembcr. In September we sold 18,- 
000 baskets of coal at 10 tents per baa- 
ker, October, lSJJOO, November, 21^00, 
December, 112,060; in January, at 3 for. 
£5 cents, 13 for 11.00, 28 for 12.00; 24,: 
000 were sold. February, 33,1x3. 

Banka and Watkms are ready for lee 
customers now and will be when the' 
hot months com 0. Phone your orders 
in. Banks aad Watkins, 310 '9. Ewing 
Ave., main office. Phone, Bomont 7JB. 


Here. Pay-Up Lesion for the 
Kids at Home. 

Always Pay aula Regularly, Because 

It's Bsst to Oo So— Stingy Folks 

Usually Become Rusty Through 

Money Doesn't. 

. If you don't pay too much for It. 

Laddie, money Is a good thing to 
get. Some folks forget that money 
coats anybody anythiug and they try 
to gat something for nothing— which 
never happens. It costs sweat cnil 
timing and— but you alt down at the 
table there and write down as many 
thlnga as yon can think of that folks 
pay for money, health, chum life with 
children, the spirit of play — and things 

like that. ' 

If yon don't pay too much for It 
Laddie, money is a. good thing to 
keep. Some folks forget that keep- 
lug money costs somebody something 
all the time It is kept doing nothing. 
Money docant get rusty by being kept 
even if some Jokers ssjy It does. No. 

rusty. Their Joints get rusty, their 
friendships get rusty, their generous 
feelings get rusty, end sometime* their 
bills get terribly rusty-~tha bills they 
owe other folks. Soma of them — tho 
folks— say they must keep till the 
money they can get so that they can 
has* a good time some other time. But 
01 Getting the habit of keeping all 
of one's money Is a very costly usblt 
to get — It Is almost aa costly as the 
habit of keeping:, all of other, folk"* 

money one can get- hold of. 

If you don't pay too much for It 
Lassie, money Is a good thing to spend. 
The kind of stuff you're made of is 
going to come to the top plainest snd 
surest . tiy the way you use money, by 
what 700 have to show for It when 
you have spent if The best teacher 
In the world said thst the best way.U 
use money Is to bny friends with It. 
bo that when the money fails yon win 
have Mends to take yon Into their 
homes. . Lots of good people think the 
teacher waa talking tnrongh hla hat 
He wasnt no matter' what they think. 

Some people have to spend money 
before they, get it hut of course they 
have to borrow It from someone else 
who-wlll let them tske it and spend It 
Sometimes they glve.a nots which says 
they wlll'ge t back some other money by 
■/certain time and gi're It back to the 
man who lets them take his money snd 
spend it ; and they pay him for the 
uaa of Dig money. That's business. 
Sometimes they borrow stuff that a 
man has. paid money for and say. 
"Charge It," And he charge* It And 
then when he wants very much to sue 
the money ha paid for the goods sod 
asks the folks who borrowed the 
goods to let him have his money, 
some of tbe fofka sometimes get very 
aqary and smile him with hard word* 
and tell him to go to Helena, Arkansas. 
or some other sesport and keep on 
uaine tbe other man's money when he 

ought to have It to use In his' business. 
Nobody calls that business. Ton wDI 
learn when you are older what some 
folks do call It It U not nice for 
little children to aaX such words. • 
Very many people who like to do 
business have agreed to set a tun* 
when . everyone who hss borrowed 
books or umbrellas' or groceries or 
cow* or furniture or china sees, ami 
sold, "Charge It," will come together 
and have a great picnic — everybody 
will pay all -his bills so everybody else 
can pay all A Ms bills, and everybody . 
will start In business all over again. 
It will be the Jelllest picnic most of 

the folks have ever gone to. ' Do yon 
like to go to picnlcaT Well, so does 
everybody. Ton may now go and man. 
Four neck and ears. 


The best monument to the memory 
of men la not a marble abaft over 
their remains, but a thriving communi- 
ty which treasures ■ m emeries ot their 
sctlv* life. Cheerful dttsona who in 
always finding good enterprises to ho 
promoted and encouraging others to 

"come oo" and get under tho load of 
actual work — these dtlaens prosper. 

JUmp* Five Fl»=r*. 
Bt. Louis. Feb: 18.— Mrs. Teresa 
Walsh. B0; a patient at thst city sani- 
tarium, Jumped from a fifth story win- 
dow of. the institution. It waa ro 
PUCkM to the nolle- that she waa dassj 
when picked- up. 



ST. uaviB ■ WO.— .WhMt— No. g rat, 
ll-so: No. s rao. 11 U; No. t hard. n.»; 
No, I hard. II. tl. 

Corn— No. I, xi.OOWj01.ei; No. J. 1LS0; 
Ko. s, v»c; ■§ I swuosn S«l No. I yel- 
low. li.Wtti.oou,: N.j. 1 white,; So. 
I white. 11 omei.ei. 

CMti — SULndanl. CSMs: Ho. I wfcjl*. 

BjsCJWg No. 1 white. ITttc: No. I. H*ei 
CHICAGO.. ILL.— Wheat— No. I" rat 


Corn— No. I, Ii.ODVjftl.M; No.-*. *r 
•fl-OiK; No. 1 yellow. |l.M K gU.t 
So. J r«41ow. !l.ot>H*il.u%: No. rw» 
tl.oiaoi.o;;.^ - .n!.t. oucou-ai. 

Oats— Standard. HttOMKc: No . , 
wniie. elttesse. 



Cattle- Native beef steers. tI.WSll.11 
yaarllmr .steer, and heifera ta.1 

cows. IS.tdtf*; atockers aj ' " 
O850. oalvaa. itwu.KI: 
IS.SSoI.IO prime «uthem beat 

od. lit** 



ders. tUl 


I lion!** 

1 Astran, 17. 

'ii 1 *!: pars. 
.tloas - sfJxed ana 

tH; good, lit w_ 
11. at: n«hi. Ili.lfr* 

111011.:!. lsmlu tl; 

autentrs. tOMmU 
ll.SO; roua-h. -tn WciI.tS 
It. til: pics, ».7ISni. 

CaiUe— Reeves. IITIOlMt: sews seal 
heireri,«ia M: stocker* and r**d- 
sr*. IS I04i a 11'. ' Thim, M.1S0I.T!; 
™jv« iietin.50; »»i™ 

Sheep— Native. Ho*7#ii,rn; weatera, ' 
IllU. Umba. It! ZidH.SO, swltra, liii* 



The horror* and tortores of Rheumatism wh 
TSRRA. FIRM A gives you positive and im 
limllsUl relief If you are a sufferer cut 
out and mail the attached coupon, if you 

■*«, aad joo know ttwa- 

: and civ* it to them. • 
bottle |60 cents) , large ~ m-dy . Otharahav. 

'TERRA PlRlf A, 


Elsie'left for her home last 

r, in C»rIj-!.«, III. 

Host, of 205 8. Lefflns 
loiir bod- with pneu- 

Mnrif Curtis, of lTOU N. QM- 
S' Ave., has been, indisposed for sev 

dayi. .,. 

Bettie Simmon Hall was called 
i the bedside of her father. Mr, Smith, 
EFort Smith, Ark. 

Ardell Edward* i* very 111 at 
»e, S305. Market. She will be 
to hirvo her friends call. 


C. F. Robard.i, of 2136 Carr 

m on the sick lint for two weeks 

and returned to his work, 

Eltelle Casey, ('-lis Vermont 

he. mi> to the Bachelor Oirli' Club 

■rday, March 3. 

Mr-. Harry Snowdeh, 4367 MatBtt 
,aa a severe attack of In RripP*- 

The Sharon Bible Class of the Ad 
tioeh Baptist Church, holds social meet 
lap the firsr Tuesday in rath month 
They are pledging charitable aid. 

Mrs: Obie A. rtrynind, 3.119 Arsenal 
will entertain the Pbcndelma Oirls 
Club Saturday, March 10. 

The Boyal .Society Embroidery Club 
met ■ ia' tatelr monthly meeting at the 
reeidfnee of Mrs. Irene Aj|ee, 203 S. 
Leffingwell, Feb. 88, with- ten mem- 
"bers and one new member present. Af- 
ter the hour for crocheting, the hostess. 
•erred a delicious menu. The meeting 
adjourned to merjt. at the residence of 
Mrs. 1 1. "Urn si. n, HKi S. Oerrison, March 
££.; Mrs. I. V. Rhodei.president; Mrs. 
J. Wjrott, reporter. 

Rev. Chsa II. Wilki.ns will leave the 
city Sunday morning, March 11, for a 
visit, through Illinois. He expects to do 
I iiiriin in another field. 

The Casino Boys 'were entertained 
Sunday evening, March 4, by Mr. Le- 
r.iy Bedriek, a member A pleasant 
evening with sanies, after which lunch- 
eon' was served in courses: 

Mr! Isaac Chancy, member of Cen- 
tra), called on Madam Page last Mon- 
-day, while on his way to visit his sick 
■oat, Mm. MeClain. ' .> i 

UnioskaV. .M.I:. Chbreh, Webnte 
Ororee— Services at 11 a. m. and 7.30 
;.. m. Sabbath School S a, m. Bev. 
W. H. Pearson, Pastor; A. J. Saunders, 

Miss Mamie Borddus, of 4210 West 
Belle, has gone to Florida for an in- 
definite stay. 

. Mrs. Mildred Kiogeade, of 2MB 
Lucas, left Thursday morning for Malta 
Bend, Mo., on account of the illness of 
her father. . 

Nasturtium Kmhroiilery Club met 
with Mrs. Hughes, WIS Cote Brilliante. 
last Thursday, with 12 members pres- 
ent; each member accomplished a good 
bit ,of work and each ooe expressed 
their interest in the club. We were 
glad to have Mrs. Biines, after a long 
absence, with us. A delie'ious three- 
murse menu was-srrved by the lidstess. 

on. 4274 ITianeVj Thursday, March IS. 
Black, [.resident, Mrs. Jfollisler. 
ir-tary. Mrs. BohanuB, reporter. 

The Married Ladies' Vcedle Club 
aft Fridav, March 8, at the residence 
Of Mrs. Kirby, 2402s IVodielon. with 
twelve members aad two visitors, Mrs. 
Flummer and Mrs. barter, ex .president, 
present. Encouraging remarks were 
.made by both. After the business hour 
'the hostess serve.] adajnty repast. The 
eting adjourned to -meet the Ihird 
I Fridav is March at the resides* of 
[Mrs. 'tuunbie, 2240 Randolph. Mrs. 
[Lena Gamble, president, Mrs, Marie, 
[Curtis, secretary, Mrs. EM* 

/riends, Wt for niieago. 111., last Frf- 

Min. James Hughes, of 1710 Whittier, 
who has been indisposed for the put 
mouth, is reported somewhat improved 
at this, writing. , 

Miss Amelia Hall tnd Mr. Cephas J. 
Boawell were quietly married last Mon- 
day evening at 7:it0 p. m., at the resi- 
dence of Mrs. Ella White, 3206 Pine'. 
Bev: Geo. E, Stevens officiated. The 
couple ciinie from Louisiana. ' 

Louie Cuuunings is on the Sick 

Was opera 
or, 8 ho is 

Mrs, Josio Kussell Was operated upon 
last week for a tumor, Shu is now con 
Valescing at tlje Oitjt^Hoapitel, whero 
her frienda can 

Mrs. Blanche Banister is on tbo sick 
Hat.. ■ . . 

The wife and son of Dr. Ivan James 
and the wife and daughter of Dr. Wm. 
Stewart; have returned to the city 
from a visit to their father, Bishop 
Phillips, in Nashville. 

The Booklovera' Club had a very in- 
teresting meeting - Saturday at the 
Wheal ley Y. W. C..A. Mrs. Bowles con- 
ducted the lesson on French Literature 
in Mrs. W. H. (irady's place and Mrs. 
Callie Edwards gave a review of the 
"Three Musketeers," by J Dumas in 
Mrs. Ernest Harris' place. Both mil.- 
jects were treated in a very thorough 
and. enlightening manner. 

Kev. W. H. Peek gave a review, of 
the. book, "Of One Blood," by Dr. 
Sheldon, who wrote "In Hia Steps." 
The book is a very interesting socib : 

ical study and those who listened 
the review given by Rev. Peck felt 
as familiar with the story as though 
they had read it. Tho book deala 
with the race question in a highly 
commendable manner. 

The Women's Missionsry Band met 
Sunday, March 4 at the El Bethel -Bap- 
■t Church, 638 Athlon* Ave. Meet- 
g was ripened with aong and prayer, 
Scripture lesson read_by Kov..W. W. 
Perry, pastor. .The., uiperience meet- 
ing waa_indeed an interesting feature 
anil enjoyed 'by all. Reports of Commit- 
rere very encouraging. Pastors Hall. 
Perry, Clemmona made some very nice 
remarks to. the band, rjix new mem- 
bers were, added" to 'the -ML- 'Next 
meeting will be the third Sunday in 
March at Third CorintMan, 7800 N. 
Broadway. Collection, $11. Benedic- 
tion, Bev, W. W. Perry. 

Sister Hall, Pres., - 
Sister B. Color, See 'y. 

The Union .Memorial Brotherhood 
will hold «' public installation, Sunday 
afternoon st 4:15 p. m. Kev. Shaw, of 
SI. E. Zion, Cbareh, will officiate in the 


Cbuter Williams 3113 Laclede 

Mamie Gardner. ...Eut St Lonis, III. 

Russell G. Powells 3211 Lawton 

Maggie Lee 3103 Lawton 

Hopkins Talllaferro Joiner, Ark. 

Maria Murehiton Joiner, Ark 

John R. Pinksrd ....4382s, Luckv 

Mrs. Mary Smith. .. .1230 Amherst PI 

William Ogilvio £910 Laclcdr 

Buth Day Taylor.. 2910 Laclede 

William Crow. . ,}.;..."... .4293 Lucky 

Irene Johnson ....4133a Fnirfai 

James W. Wilson........ 2742 Wnlnul 

Lucy A. Shobe £742 Waimil 

Joe Whitehead.... Esst St. Louis, 111. 

Mrs. Cathan Hill .....2011 LudM 

Cephas Joseph Boswflt 3204 Pi 

Afeelia Ann HaU ...3200 Pii 

William Henry Mitchell. .3034 Finney 
Mrs. Est die Fae JaCHSon/.3H54 Fin 
Reuben B. May. ..1020 West Whit 
Mrs. Delis. Ore'en. .lfJ3*AVcst Whil 


Alliege Muggins, 2032 Papin 

Henry Gonuand Infertious Hospital 
Warren John, 1241 .Linden. „.'.. .2 i 

Will Patterson, 21 15 Lucas 

Jesse Harris, 4256 St. Ferdinand... 
Francis* Mathews, 4271 W. Belle.... 
Robert OTassgow, 3515 LaSalle.... 

Win. Andrews, 2008 Chestnut 

Howard Jones, 713 N. 21st Bt 

Eldora Simmons. 21 OB Franklin 2 11 

Infant Woods,- 2738 Morgan 

Cora -Williams, 3137 Lasalle 

Martha Cobbs, 2739 Morgan 

John Bolden, 151B Newstead 

Carrie Cropper, 2801 Morgan...' 

Baby Lapaey, 4033 Finney 

Freddie Walton, 3820 Sophia 11 

Andrew Mitchell, 1417 Papin 

Martha Wells, Kinlocb, Mo 

Bad Jordan' Henderson, 2129 Mar 

ket '. 

Nelson Redman, Newport, III...... 

Barbara Jenkins, Kirkwood. Mo.,5 n 

Willie Hester, 319 B. Ewing 

Ernest Reese, 3250 -S. Oread 

Angelinc Sniith, 320 Cedar 

Andrew Martin, 107 S. 10th St 

Wm. Clark, 2602 Lucas. „ 

Reese Turnhow, 4ltks W. Belle. .11 n 

Iteginal Murphy, 2B2I Pine 

Chns. Rivers, City Bospital 


In" memory of my dear husband, Wil 
liam Isaac Clark, who departed thi 
life February 24. 

Farewell my loving husband. 

Farewell our brotber dear; 
Farewell, we'll meet yon yonder; 

Whan the Master's voiee we -hear. 

The blessed Savior calls you, 
Where suffering- is no more; 

Where no gels hover round you, 
On that ' celestial shore. 

Our' heads sre bowed in sorrow, 

Our hearts arc filled with. pain; 
But on that I 


Jf one knowing the whereabouts of 
Hettle Holmes should notify Capt. Job 

of the Laclede Station, or Argus 
office. Her daughter. Luman Brown at 
Terre llaute.'Ind., wants her. 

Obern Cbckrel], .after spending 
t weeks with relatives and friend, 
ed to his home in Minneapolis. 

In loving memory of our dear moth 
r and grandmother, Anna P. Jones 
IBO departed this life March 6, 1910 

Twelve long months have rolled away 
Time rolls on. does Dot stay, 
koviug mother, kind and true 
How hard 'twas to part with you. 
Hands folded on youf breast, 
I.ving in voirr eternsl rest, 
Ood eslled you .home; 'Iwa. his will. 
In our hearts yon linger still 
God be with you. till we meet again.. 
Sadly missed bv daughter and grand 

The Methodist Brotherhood of Cnion 
Memorial Church will bold a public in 
taxation, Sunday afternoon at ' 4:15 
. in. All new officers are expected to 

The- Melrose Art Clob met at the 
residen.w of Mrs. Monroe Burton, 4304 
Garfield Ave? -March 2., with 13 mem- 
bers present and five visitors as fnl- 
Mesdamen Pauline Harris, Clark, 
Smith. Burton and Miss Reid. The 
meeting was opened by the president 
aad after transacting ' business the 
evening was spent in erotchetiog, after 
which the hostess served a delightful 
report which was enjoyed by all. The. 
neat meeting will be at the residence of 
Mrs. Bell Duval I. 4438 Mcpherson,' 
March- 10. Mra. Bell DtivaiL president. 
M*s. Ore Jones, secretary, Mrs. Elvira 
Jsehaon, ■reporter.- -, 

LWait for the "Life of Christ" ia 
picture*. a»d the wonderful 
Trie, at Lane Tabernacle 
rjhanh, 3908 Fairfax. March It, »17. 

Abe** ft" guests were eatertaiatec! 
jt Mr. Douglass rUmasoas aad Mr. 
Hrsry ssasuel at the rssndeacr of Mrs. 
John Lemx, «Hsl Waat Bet)*, ia honor 
Vf their birthday Th« assssss ansa 
hMBUfaBy decoirsted in paisss. IsssssV 
imt was thejfesture of the eveaiaur, af- 
lat which ».e>4ightfHl mssta ires asrved 


A series of motion pictures 
shows in St. Louis -and viei 
ginning . March 5 as follows 
Monday sight at St. Jame*' 
Churcb. 1 4811 Papin. Every 
night at St. peters, A. M. ft 
Elliot ■ aad M jotgoMery Sta. 
Wednesdav- aight at Newport, 
of r. SalL Every Thursday 
Biwklym, 111 . Love joy eVhnn). 
Frbiav light at. Tru* Light 
Oatreh, East St. Louis. 

These picturea art ■■piciaUy 1 
N-aatt tke .w>'i./V itit Albj 
hibitor. / 

M. E. 

. Everv 

nu k. 




Rsta made to. match any costume, aleo. 
bloekssl Any design copied. Shapes 
for sale, trimmed free. Prices reason- 
able. Mrs. Wm.Maeklin, 4271 BL Ferd- 

Mr. Root. Duval) left Monday night 
for Elkton,.Ky., to attend the funeral 
of Mr. Sam >u his life lung friend. 

Y.W.C.A. MAR. 11 

A great mass meeting will open pub 
licity week at Wheatiey Branch Y, W. 
C. A., Sunday, March 11, at 3 p. in 
Strong addresses will be delivered by 
Mrs. Selden P. Speneer, Rev. J. W. 
Martin, Mrs. J. J. Fisher and Mias 
Maury E. Colt. Special soloist, livery . 
bojy welcome. 


"The CiUxciis*. Relief Association has 
launched a vigorous campaign to se- 
cure subscriptions for the benefit of the 
St. Louis Colored Orphans' Home. f>ev- 
ernl churches have responded by lifting 
a Spccinl offering and a large numbex 
of persons Save promised to regularly 
eonlribiite to the support of the home. 
A small contribution by many persons 
will hurt no one, yet it will be a great 
blessing to the unfortunate littla ones. 
Rev. E. .1. Dndsor., Pres., E. K. Boyd. 
Vice Pres.. and chairman of the cam- 
paign committee; C. E. Graves, See'y, 
J, E. Me Wort ct. Treasurer. 


2010 Pliie St 

■ry •Sunday evening. New man- 
agement. James L. Hall and James 
White, successors lo Prof. J. C. Luckv. 
afusic by Academy Orchcstru.7 Ijntien 
admitted free. Gents, ^5 cents. . All 


If you want a borne conked, Sun 
dinner, stop at Swans Candy Kite 
We serve lunch ilaily. limner >■' 


Special meals Sundnvs mid holidav 
Extra meals if wanted. Sunday all 
ner serygd from 2 to 7 p. in. Mrs. He' 
tie JelTerlon, proprietor. 3037 Lawful 

The Klleardsviile Civic. League will 
present Honorable W. R. Hill, Associ- 
ate City Counselor, us the speaker at 
the open meeting, to be held at St. 
James Church, St. Ferdinand and Pen- 
dleton Ave*., Sunday, March 11, at 4 
p. in. Eminent soloists will be on the 
program- Admission free: f 


The regular monthly meeting of the 
Lincoln Institute Association, will be 
held Sunday, March 11, l»t7, at Union 
Memorial Church .1 p. m. sharp. Prof. 
D. E. Uordon, of l.'Ouvertute. School 
will address the association and every 
member is eipecle.d and kindly request 
ed to be present. Come und bring a 
nets member. 

WW -T. Spencer, Pres,. 
Mrs. C. H. Nelson, Bee'jr. 


Ur. l'eck breeched a very instruct!' 
sermon un baptism Hundsy inorning 1 
a large cUiw, wbu . were baptized 1 
sprinkling at' this service. There wi 
be severaL baptized by immersion Fi 
daj night. .Sunday will be our sbuu 
(jiuiruirly misctiiig. Jipinliml fts-us 
day." Ceaae and bc'filhsd. The Jan- 

Mr-. I'rau™ \ ashou. -ho 'reoeaahsy 
came to us from the Kpiscoual Chureh 
has-been elecl.'d president. .Mrs. Vnsh- 
on, whTj was formerly Miss Story, was 
one of the most efficient . teachers iii 
nu/ public schools. With her" know! 
edge of child life and her wide cxperi- 
eii.e in the trniniag of the young, we 
exi*ct.grciit resnlls fa this department. 
Slic wjll lead in the- discussion of the 
topic in 1 lie Kcnior pndeavor next Sun- 
day at sis n'clock . Kpeeial nmsir. Be-- 
ginning Sunday, March II. Dr. PeVk 
u ill preach a' series of .sermons on 
['llilgjail s) '"pilgrim's " Progress. ' 
These sermons will In' preached at th.- 
cienlog service only. %gt> esnnot af 
ford to miss one of these, wouiferful 
me«s»ges. . W v e nrge you to attend- anil 
bring a'triend. .-He has a nnWm till 

Mr. Jamea Wade, of Jackoon, M 
rode his first time on a train to be the 
honored guest at his eightieth birthday 
dinner given bv his sen and daughter- 
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. 8. G. -Wade, B29 
Clara. Sunday. Marrh 4. Among the 
guests were Mrs.- C .Robinson, 'Misses 
L. Wade, Minnie and Kits Wade and 
Mis* Sarah Green. 

Hme. Calhoun, hair specialist, tM7 
Lawton, ia offering special 
to all nc patrons. Phone, 
16*3- R. 

FOB RKNT— Two. turn 
aowel eie. 10£3 Whittier. 

*d front 

?-fl-4,.'..!. young man wants » poas- 
tion with an undertaker with chance to 
learn easeatbsuag. Address Argsui of 
flee. Baa. .1, 2341 Market St 

Wsit for the 'ilife of Christ" ia 
(saving p ss w saa, aad the wonderful 
Win.ii. u Trio, at Laaa Tsbernaele, 
WM Fs,irf.i. -Mareh It, 1917- '{ 


The Seven Church Itapth-I Tnion met 
March o. with the- New Hon* liapli-t 
Church, Rev. J. V. Kllingtuu, pastor. 
I'resident Hall being sick, tbo meeting. 
»ss opened by Krv. Ti- W. Lee. The 
prsme and prayer service wa> very in 
tiToating. after' which Rev. Lee rea'd 
the Scripture lesson, prayer by Uev. 
tllington. Rev. ttobinso'ni of Bethel 
Church,, was introduced and preaehed 
an eseellent sermoa. Theme,'**Howing 
and Reaping*," ' Collection. -tl4.B0. The 
next, meeting will beat 'Nurth Galilee 
Haptiat Church, -2714 'S. I.effingwell. 
Rev.- J. WI. Hall. pai«T.. Sermon by 
Rev.T. W. Le.'. The union will have 
their annus! sermon on March tH. We 
expect the irnhlir M come out and hear 
of tfca wo&derfu! work of the unirin. 
Bev. J. W. HalL Pres., 
E. L. Molton, See'y. 


■ Facia I Manage 

Do You Believe in ^ 
Safety First in Hair Culture • 

H w Start Right and Insure Safety By Uiinf 

"The Slaughter System 


Lyda's Hair Beautifier 

Trade Mark, Ret;. U- 5. Patent Office 

Guaranteed to Grow Hair in Six treatments or 
txsoney refunded. We handle Human Hair Goodi at 


E. Slaughter Gamble 

St. LeuU, Ik. 


3M1 Uwt«n Ave. 



isrinlHil &^H i^Lam Crews. ^| ^^^. 

Includ- ^H 


■a s sssa sis 
semiAT: I T. 


We also Kuarantee that 
the teeth will not bacon- 
tin 11 ally breakiiur off. 

The VAN-DOW DENTAL CO., 614 Olive St. 


it>*si Cauv. sew Koeasssasa — ou<s) DenllX W.H. on Von Bverv Ttou Vnu Ciipi.i 




I Basket for.- .-... 

6 •* " 

(3 " " 

28 *' " v 


10 Cents 

50 " 




I. E. Banks and Watkins _, 

llfl. LsMiafwall, 4U S. UtnaiwJI- M I. Etriaf - 

OU "£. H. Ha^Was Right About IL 

The lata Edward H. Harrlman, whrard af flnwrae, once aald: -I 
navar particularly oonsldsrsd a man who Is worth a million: The man 
I like to talk to, ,Ihe man | like to do bualnoaa with, la the man wnej 
can go out and tMrrow a couple af hundred theuaand dollara any tlmst. 


It mean, that In the 

There's a book of wisdom In that saying, 
bualneaa world crsdlt la the on* big thlr.g. Once a man loses his 
credit En. business ha has a hard tima to. succeed. He pays tha penalty 
In ether ways. There may coma an opportunity for an enlargsment 
of h la enterprise. There may coma a chance le get goods cheaper far 
cash. If he* stand* right at tha bank he can borrow, if hs stands 
right with hia nelghbora he can borrow from thim. Get the point? 

If you have been a laggard In your p~ ynwita yau era giving your 
credit • alack aye. Wo are going to have a Pay-Up Week In thla 
community. Boost your credit, make your friendship* tolider. enjoy 
that light-hearted foaling, by paying your bills during Psy-Up Week. 
Everybody site la going to do tha oame thing, and the whole affair la 
going to clear the fog from the conscience of many a man and woman 



Our Endeavor Is bnorainjc! Come out 
Sunday, netrly-eleeted officer*. 

Miss Beolah. Johnson. Pres., 
- \\ ilium Jaaea, Viee-Pres., 

EUiabeti Parr, S«'y. 

Agents Wanted 

To UasWi. StlllATA. HAIR a.. 

Help Build Up This Community by 1 Paying 

Your Bills So That Other Folks 

^Can Pay Theirs. 

■ - N'on* will deny tbnt.'VilLful indebUnlnrsK is w'ronj;. Nuthing 
will hurt • mail'* statHimj; in tliu rommuiijly more titan tbe habit 
of cuntraitir,;- sniall debU and letting them run on indefinitel*. 
It ia the little thingp, afler all. that are the rial tart" of character. 

There are eery few persorm unable to pav siniost at once the 
; liltle rJetts' they owe. When they neglert these debt* they pnt 
tliem helves in" tho elans with the fellow who won't pay-r-and few-of 
W'tswssfl to be in :!.•■ ''He-Wori't-Pay-lJis-llonett'Debte'' claaa. 

We are g>iing lo have a I'ay-Cp Week in this community. 

in order to proraote friendxhipt good Tpding, btuineai credit, 
be otye of the folks that settle all hills during this period. Too 
will be better, off — eren if "yon hare ■Xo ectjar.mize sharply' for a 
short time affi'rwarrl — those yon' pay will "be heller off because yon 
will h«lp (hem meet their bills, and' the whole, community will 
profit ' " . '.-..--'. 

.Start the habit during Pay-l'p Week of paying your bills 
promptly. Such a habit will eatablitth greater credit for yon. 'Why, 
any banker will tell you. a man doesn't have to be wealthy to eecttra 
a loan when he needs it. The poor man. who ban the reputation 
of paying what he owes haa a better credit at the hank than the 
man who baa greater recourcea hat won't Psy Up. ?ieim-.«iber tha 
Slogan — ij* __ ' 


J I >«■*« 


I Negro Business 






Personal, Business and Pro- 
feaaiijnaV Cards, Business 
Qttinaes, For Sale or Rent 
Houses, Stores. Flats. 5c per 
line; minimum 15c. 

Help- Wanted, Situations Want- 
ed, For Kent Rooms, Rooms 
and Board. 5c' per line: mini- 
mum 15c. 

Display A I . ;>0e Oer inch 
Special Rate- n 4-time Ads. 


iteted, bat ma 

let sale ■ beautiful' lot 501 IBB. with 
• u» three-room hatiM, cellar, nUr to 
Uw, (•*, ud goo* cuter* wilti •* 
lb* Mtsid*, two porch** on north us* 
•path sidea. OrsaHoid in frost, aee>« 
Owt Home Worth SB,*O0, oao he 
iri[hl f*r 11,300 cash. Call ui la- 
■ki, 413 Boihamm* At*. Aayly at 
*iT Bewhsmm* An., Clertoa, M. Aak 
f*t D*nl*l Whit*. (i-lp) 


■1'hL- owner 

lavs ' 


This is the b 

»t bargain 

an W. 


A" live in.! » 

I room sit 

gle llit. Obi 

and ateetrie natures. It 



condition. Term* tu mi 

. Me 

J. B. 

Mit.-hr.lf, st»; 

. Market. 









decorate.! -with al 


em convenience. ■ WfiL' 



Li ndell. BSilK. 


. FOR RENT.— Three single ruomi 
sad bath, furnished; electric light* and 
telephone free. Forest .1S>iM. 


WANTED.— i'5 building wrecker 
Steady SISjMj Hull .Good vf»g« 
Cohen ; 8wartz Ittil and Steel Co., 1! 
Branch Bt. 

. WSTfTED— Ma 

.steady jab, -tWO 

at tha Oilt Edge Npk* 


■ FOB RKNT;— Nicely ■ furnishm) 
RBM; hrit. 'ph,in>- mid sleetriQ light". 
■»3i'ii'Wr»t ItfllP. 1'honc. J.ih.lrll ->".-,i. 

Linden mm 


, URN WANTED: Colored m*a 31 to 

IS »*in of Bge, wishing Boiitiens *s 
sleeping ear portera or traia porter* 
on Missouri roads, write for applies 
tion blank in. I information. No ex 
penaaee aeeraaary. 

. u.i:.!i »!■■■■:. ■ Ind 

busina** partner with rash of 1300. to 
lt« one-half. Interested truck farm' 
lag, poult? and :;■ .: ra ■-. ■„■ with stand 
at 19X4 !.«,■!■■■<,'. Farm at Barnhart, 
'Ho, tO miles from ft. f-ouis. R. S. 

STIR REVT. — A nice furnished room, 
second fliVor, for gentlemen. Call Bon 
'dar. 3<W9 Cook Ave. Phone. Lindell 
tsTl or Bomont 2.19fi. 4-3-: 

FntJrtSHED ROOMS: -For rent, 
leetrir light, free taWflUw*, hot an 
.1.! water Phone- Liftdell 22S3R. 4118 
!. Belle. '(Z-B3-4.) 

FOR'RF.XTt Nestly furuiehr'd rwm, 
nd finor baeV. gentleman preferred, 
[odern waWlwialk-iil HUM Ijh-1<vT 
lomoot 1TS2R: (X-23-4.V 

t-»R RENT: Three 
invoaioori'- Child rrn 
™t \ir> reaanaatdi 1 . , 
12 SI. Mr 'a firaat, 

not d**imhle. 
Phone C.tlfai 
Mttfl llarniee, 

, FOR UHh Oae lot <»»!?!!; tsonti 
IKi'iWIj. Priee |3<10 or will traBe 
'W%BI h»ve joat AdettvM Mr. Stej 
n*Hn, l«t Hadiinient Are, St, T^ull 


Tuner, Repairer and FmiaHer 

of Piano* Reed and Pipe Organ 

Expert. Work Guaranteed. 

Mww> V M C A. BwiWaa 
702 l.twton Ave 


3iSB Palntar aiul Interior Decorator 

Tlnt-Ctaa* Work. 


Europe Facet Huge Shake-Up in 

Finance and Politics When 

War Ends. 


3133 Fair Ave! 


You cmBBOt afford la oegltct foaf 
ey«t. II llicy bother you, hare ta 
teited free. Gluses fitted fron 11 -« 
Filteen yean' experience 
233S Uarlut St. 



Licenied and hen dad, electrical 
contractor. Wc will wire roar oU 
or new home and furnish job fia- 
tntei and fire you six month* IOosm 
year to pay tor it Fan* rented, ■old 
Bad repaired. 

"The roae i* red, 

TOe' violets art blaa, 

I alaJ year work 

Aad Others do 'too.* 
0*1 or writ* me, 2311 Morgan. 
Rnnoat troK. Chat H. Smith. 

Baal g..ld Iliad •yeglaaaai for. only 

s dollar. Iteasy back U yoa waat 

' Sale llooda^j and Taeidaj at 

Bany O. Doaglaaa, Prsasilptlaa Brat- 

giit Quality and Barrio* Store, MM 

tforth Pandlelon A Ten no. 

We aetuBlly aall yon tb* f*snljt* 
{old Ailed ayaglBiaaa or rpastaasl 
frames, guaranteed to Banay 114th II- 
hhrat gold Ulsd, and to wear tot Urn 
y**r*. Similar gLuaaa elsewaor*, VJ» 
With thea* frsms* is s pair of aar 
geonins p*ri*eopi« trystal Isaiss, lttod 
free by our vaport optioilan, wha kaa 
had yanra 


2117 Market St. 

Hawra- 9J*s. nv to I 


Tha New Passion Lnw tais* t> *id- 
ii and Colored abldlsrs as waD as 
;.irri Writ* us for copy of n*w law 
and know your lights. Sand 20 eente- 
Send to r'.Tf geiald ' A . Delji, Peasioo 
Agency, ladiaaapoli*, - lad. 


TABLMt -, 

. i. .f OG Iain A... 5 

4233 Luton At.. 


Odd Fellows' Hall 2925 Morgan 
Sire,*. Newly decorated loose 
rooms and reception hall for rent. 
Special attention to private recep- 
tions. Rent very reasonable. Sti 
janitor or call the' secretary's office. 
Phone. Delmar 4299L 

Soenr* a nice, warm, furnished room 
for tha winter. Consult the Advortls 
ing columns ia the Argus. 


This Handy Way of Buying Often 

Cause for Those Sleepless 

Nights of Worry. 


Every Person Rial lias Part Credit 

Flay* In Commerce and Bad Ra- 

' suit of Unpaid Bills— So Pay' 

Up Your* Now. 

The Practice of ha Ting a "Pay Up 
week" each year hna taken well all 
over the country — and It bas now be- 
come a national habit to consider the 
loilMirturio'. In a~ bualnaa* sense, of a 
Pay. TJp week. 

Too many of ua get In the habit of 
having -things "charged." It I* so 
bandy, so convenient — seems like get- 
ting thing* without pay. We are all 
Inclined, to feel that we are going to 
have mnch more money some other 
day than we And In our pockets today. 

The reason that Pay Up week takes 
so well 1* because It has been foand 
of Inestimable help to the world of 
credit One of tno principal -slogum 
used for the occasion has come to bet 
"HI Pay My Bills, So Ton Qui Pay 

Yours." A moment's reflection will 
show yrhat • splendid thing* this la 
Think of how many times a (angle dol- 
lar may turn over In a alngle day, 
with, a practice like this. 

Too may owe the Jeweler a dollar 
for repairing -a clock ; aed the Jeweler 
may owe the shoemaker a dollar for 
repairing? his shoes: and the shoe- 
maker may ewe the batc h **- a dollar 

for a.ahln; and the clothier may owe 
the druggist for a bottle of medicine; 
and the druggist may owe yon a dollar; 
—so. don't you see, yoa get back jour 
dollar — and what a wonderful lot of 
debt* It t»a paid In the meantime, (tod 
you still have It. '.*■:." 

And you can go oa for yourself In 
this line, Bbowlor the Illimitable godd 
that a "Merry Dollar - can do In a 
day. by paying neglected bills. Every 
thinking person realise* the part that 
credit play* In modem commercialism 
and the baneful result of unpaid bllla. 
Credit haa been so abominably abused 
that every buttneaa man and dtisen 
feel* tha drag of the heavy credit load 
he la forced to carry. 

-Hurrah for "Pay Up Week." 


Spirit Medium 

■ Pt)R PAl.E OR LEASE: 1.443 Rub- 
■■■ 'ti Ave. Lot aad eharch buildiBg 
eranning (W*l*o> from Sublette to Jaa- 
;*arr'. tl-S-a.> 

; : "i' Farjia -'rt-ri, M foot front: 13 
-room* for" prat Isqujre sa plaea, 

: CaMfl 

i WANTED: FwrBiihed room w.ts 
.-■■ji Carbtma family by r«pwt*H* 
.nuuried e»smV wish a** ehild; will pay 
; per weea C*B aaia.tSM or 
.Vctral IS4A- i ■ tt**5 

Ffior Sale 

i^est bargain cm W. Belle, 
at (' and 6 room Oat, Rami Cheap. 

Mil- W. Belle. See 

J. E. Mitchell, 

Argtis Office 


Steam and Hat Water Radiator 
A Specialty. Ail Kind* of 
Storm. Ranaaind. Call . . 

E. M. Paachall 
4314-aUcky St. Uwia. Ho. 

TOR BENT; Four nnf*r*isa«d room* 

re*!*****. Apply 34U 
/ - (3-M). " 


■ a axaT ow ara. 

Thl* Country WIN Hav* to Fay Daatl 

and Conduct Buslnes* Mora KfH. 

elantly— Purpoae of Pay-Up 

Week Explained. 

All of the nation* in Europe are 
bound to reorganise, their whole busi- 
ness world, their social world, and 
probably their political world. 
Immense debts that have been piled up 
will compel each of the nations to do 
business in the most efficient of all 
possible ways, going, perhaps, to- an 
extreme of state control of all com- 
merce ami Industry. And this organi- 
sation of business Interconree win con- 
tinue for many years. The weight of 
business competition, manufacturing, 
transportation, soiling and buying will 
be directed chiefly against America 
because of . our . Immense national 

ffh and largely because of onr 
>rblal wastefulness and slipshod 
i ess organization. 
om m.antifncturer to wholesaler, 
" wholesaler to Jobber, from Job- 
ber to retailer, and between retailer 
and customer there Is bound to come 
a closer ami mure compact relation. 
Open book accounts will give place to 
trade acceptances;, credits which can 
be discounted for their full value, and 
'keep active in open channels the 
money heretofore tied up In open book 
accounts. This change Is nlready be- 
ing earnestly advocated by national 
buslnes* assodatlona as one of the 
flrst and most necessary steps' In the 
mobilization of American business. 
Rodah for Retailers. 
This change will fall hardest, per- 
haps, upon retail merchants. These 
persons are the only ooes In the whole 
chain of business relations who trans- 
act business with acquaintances and. 
neighbors and friends, and who an 
approached In business from the per- 
sonal alda. Credits will have to be 
extended to consumers for longer or" 
shorter periods of time, bat a new ele- 
ment must be reeognlaed as having 
come In and new relations between 
merchants and bankers aiM consumers 
will have to be worked oat 

Viewed from the social aide, retail 
trade has a new and vital Importance, 
a place In the scheme of community or- 
ganisation which cannot safely be sacrl- 
flced- Much blatant nonsense has been 
published about abstract middlemen. 
Concrete business. men and buslnes* 
women In most communities pay more 
taxes in proportion to ability and 
wealth, pay more, generously to pro- 
mote all public Improvements, and 
(rive more time and energy to welfare 
projects for the benefit of the whole 
community than do any other cUsa of 

Need Better service. 
Much better facilities have need to 
be provided Bt trade centers for the 
sale of farm and local products, and 
much better aorrlee to tfea-whole trndo 
territory mast be worked out to sup-. 
ply to all ccns-jmeim all their needs 
a* price* tat aew ak can be had 'else- 
where. This tasll s uBatur of local 
correlation between prvxlucer-consnni- 
ers and ceusumera and the dlsttibntora 
of good* and service. It will not 
be worked out In a day nor a month 
nor a single year, bat pressure front 
abroad will compel quite radical 
change* In domestic relations and ban- 1 
tt#...".' -. -~ 

Clearing op all outstanding and nn- 
secured acconnta -ia one of the very 
first Indispensable steps to putting 
American bnstnesa on a secure and 
■table foundation A pay-up week 
embodies a line Idea, putting a general 
sentiment behind a good work and pop- 
ularising' a cleared notion of business 
duties resting upon all cltlrens. 

The Americans must bear the brant 
of . world competition for half a cen- 
tury or mora after the moat revolution- 
ary war In history. From the hum- 
bleat consumer to the chief capital- 
ists of the nation compact business or- 
ganisation ought to be maintained With 
cheerful Insistence. 

Wh*r* Nuts, Are Shelled. 
One of the type* of places Inspected 
by the Illinois factory Inspection de- 
partment has been the homes In which 
nuts are aheRed for the market Thl* 
was done In co-operation with the 
state food commission. 

-After, all. I* there any Better ex- 
planation of toe cause of high price* 
than the unanimity of Judgment 
among certain thrifty gentlemen that 
they nee d the money? 

When a mas la foand guilty of lor* 
la the that degree be should not kick 
If ha and his accomplice era glveo 

Honors for Potatoes 

There never area a ante In all Its 
comparattvaly shoat history when the 

3. yeamr aftsr Sir Wallet 
Raleigh introduced it Into Eagland the 
.potato was ■ahyectad to a -co»d re* 
fleet- aad railed to ofttala any sartuat 


Will Promotes a Full Growth of 
Hair, Will also Restore the 
Strength, Vital ity and the Be w 

ty of the Hair. If your Hair ia 
Dry and Wiry Try 

East India Hair Grower 

If you are bothered with Fal- 
ling Hair, Dandruff, Itching: Scalp 
or any Hair Trouble, we -want you to 
The remedy contains medical proper- 
ties that go to the roots of the Hair, 
stimulates the skin, helping nature do 
its work. Leaves the hair soft and silky. Per- 
fumed with a balm of a thousand flowers. The 
i vbest known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black 
Eye-Brows, also restores Gray Hair to its Natural 
Color. Can be used with Hot Iron f or Straighten- 
»njf- C. ' * . " 

. Price Sent by Mail, 50c: 10c Extra for Postage 

1 Hair Crowe*. 1 Tampla OIL 
' "■ >ei|K». 1 Prmlu Oil. 
, . ... C™m ■ ' 

for 8*11 ins. «.«. 
35c Exltajbr Poilogt 

S. D. LYONS, Gca. A,t., 3M E. 2d St 
Oklahoma City, Qkla. 


FRY'S Busy Cot Rate Drag Store 

Service, Our Motto We Deliver the Goods 

Central 6298 - '. ' Bomont 1266 


The Only Exclusive Chartered Colored 
Cemetery in the Vicinity of St Louis. ' 
ItisHen-SedarisB Free Car* to All Let* aaa Grave* 

PRICE el LOTS $25 1* $1M Will i<U Free. 3 to » Aaalt Bark. 

Adult Ci .. 

Child over 6 years and under It years... 

" " lyear " " 5 "..■...'. 

. • * 1 " 


Adult „ 

Child over S years and under 10 years 

;; " i ;; 5 ■! 

TO HAVE Ail "TOE ■0DERW I UMOVEMEllli'lrVa'nHT in rainy 
weather, lowering devices, Employees in uniform and other latest 
equipment. Every effort is being made to give our people a well 
kept, high-grade cemetery. Substantial improvements have been 
arranged for, and the work will be begun early ia the spring. 

assay omeni hav* purchuad family burial Iocs and sew karri**, ymrmanent 
impr*T*m*nu ancUtd. All thia ad** to ihi-beiary of la* "■mil *,«, ■ 
automobile service is at th* disposal of any any oa* il sill lag la salaet s burial 



Call Bali: Kirkwoad 287-W 
ARTHUR TURNER, . . . Supmnteadeta 

IT JET'vS pass prosperity 

IJLsd around by paying our 

bills— not just a few of us 

but every man and woman. 

in this community its 1 

Labor the Greatest Blessing in Life 


Work is sot the rariseqaance of sin, but. the triumph of man. Labor 
instead of being a curse is the profou^ertblesiing in Hie. ' " .'-.> 

Hunan labor then is no commodity, a thing to be bought and sold 
like cotton or com. Back'- of tha hand is the directing brain, behind the 
'sweat are human 'longings, the love of human hearts, and tfaa'tnirst of 
hmnen mind*. Capital, the exploiter of labor, ia but the labor of yester- 
day It is canned industry. •-' ' 

The unbolieat .combination tha world has ever known is the SsJBsl 
combination of the toil of yesterday, dehumanized under 'the jmi* of 
capital, against the throbbing, thrilling toil of today, the saWta**! *] wealth 
held in •ol-jiion in the sweat of todaj. 

Peace between labor and capital will come only to a larger cumhine, 
a higher fraternity, that will recognise the common, interests between the 
sefction man with his pick and tha president ' with his pencil and hi* 
"Beady Reckoner" of percentages. 

Advertise in 

the Argus 




thi it. toon uan 


. 1;L 




■L O. 

School Coursa ct 


oodjr lllbhi 
(Cupyrl jbl, ! 1 17. waun N«mi« .Wotou. ] 

Now the bat 

* way la which It ts used 
Bible. So we mr arrive at the 
ng of temptation b7 a study of 
wort Id the New Testament. 
Lthe ninth chapter of the Acts, the 
inty-slxth Terse, »« read: "Ami 
he was come to Jerusalem, he 
■jed to join himself to the disciples 
and they iters all afraid of him. not 
believing be was a disciple." This ref- 
erence is to Paul after his conversion. 
The word translated "assayed" 1 Is onr 
word "tempted.** Here it. means that 
Paul endeavored or tried to Join him- 
self to the 

ttied them that say they sre apostles 
and are not and found them l|ara." 

i time our word la translated 
"tried" and means to Or to tbe sense 
ot testing to ascertain the quality : aa 
for example, metals are tried. In this 
same sense the word is aaed of oar 
Lord whm we read: Tor la thst he 
himself hath suffered being taunted, 
he la able to anccar them that are 
tempted.'* (Heb. 2-18.) That la, our 
Lord'* steadfastness, or moral quality 
tried; It stood the test" and be- 
cause It did. be is able to deliver the 

Christ's experience in the wilderness 
helps us to understand that tempta- 
tion may be an endeavor to draw one 
away from virtue by suggestion to sin. 
This IS probably the common idea of 
tbe word. Yet, It by ho means com- 
prehends all there Is In tbe experience 

emp tattoo. We, therefore, con- 
clude from our' study thst anything 
which trie* or proves one aa to his 
character, his faith, his ateadfaatness, 
Wbether it be a testing qnder trial or 
a solicitation to do" evil, is a teuipts- 

Paul In his epistle to tbe Oalstlsns 
(4 ill) speak* of bis temptation in the 
flesh, Whnteve r that was, it was soirn, I J ™»°* by reference 



LESSON TKXT-John «:M-». 

OOLJJEN T.EXT-JsmiB Mid unto them. 
I am ill a bread ol iiiu.-Juiin 6:». . 

Following the feeding of the flye 
thousand, Jesus saw t*jo design of the 
multitude (v. 15), and separated him- 
self unto prayer.' Following that com- 
munion, the disciples went over the 
sett Jloward the City of Capernnuni 
<*. XT), but in his supernuturul power 
he followed tbem, walking upon the 
water (v. 19). Midway be entered 
their ship, and Immediately they 
reached the' land toward Which they 
iud been striving (v. 21 ; Mk. 6:48-46). 
The' next day (John 6:22) the people 
Who at this 'period were following bin) 
In such great multitudes, took steps to 
reach* him. Finding that he \fta» not 
at their side of tin- lake, they -took 
boats and came to Capernaum, "seek- 
ing for Jesus'; (v. 24). We read that 
the common people heard him gladly. 
These people wasted the comradshlp 
of Jesus, and the longest bread line In 
the world today Is that of hungry- 
hearted men. The question Is, are we 
willing to give tbem the loaves I of 
comfort T 

. I. Bread Which Perisheth (vv. 23- 
24). "If ryou think you will always 
get the loaves and fishes simply be- 
cause you have foisowed the Lord, you 
have handed yourself a goldbrlck," — 
Dr. Qrlffln Bull. Most of 'tis will go 
further for victuals than we wilt for a 
vision. When the people found Jesus 
(v. 2S) they rather reprimanded him 
for leaving them, when tbe fact of the 
matter was that he was not beholden 
to them In any sense whatsoever. It 
looks very well for these people to be 
."seeking Jesus," but they were seek- 
ing the wrong thing (v. 26). It was 
not really Je 
but tbe loaves nuil the 
not tos "algn" as ladles. tins* hla divine 
character that drew them, but simply 
the wonder as indicated by the fact 
that they expected a constant supply 
of bread, nor did they see In that 
bread the sign but only the bread. 

Salvation is the free gift of God 
apart from works.. Nevertheless he 
commands the exercise of will. "This 
is the work of God that ye believe on 
him whom he hath sent" (v. 29). This 
is not Inconsistent with ] Cor. 12:3, 
t. c, "No man can say that Jesus Is the 
Lord but by the Holy Ghost." Like 
tbe two blade* of % pair of shears, the 
executive act of my will in believing 
on Jesus Is met by the regenerating en- 
ergy of God's, spirit making me a son 
of hi*. 

The Jew* demanded a sign a* a con- 
dition of believing oil him. wheo. he, 
himself, was the greatest of all signs 
(v. 36). They nought to enforce their 

+++++++++++++++ +++++++ ++4-+ 

Church Directory 
++++++ ++++++*f ++++++++ ++++ { 

**•*• T 

St. Jamas A. U. E. Church, 8t. Ferd- 
inand and Psndleton Streets— Sunday, 
Bunday-aehool, B:3Q a. m. Preaching, 
11 a. m., and 8 p. m. Young Peoples' 
Societies, 5 to 7;30. Class meeting. 
Tuesday, Ian. B*T. William U. Peek, 

Ward Chapel A. M. K Church. Kin. 
*9aad*y-*chool, 1:30 p. in.; Thursday. 
Tinas meeting, 8:00 p. m. J. W. Gs>- 
wr, pastor. 
■nch. Ho.— Sunday, Preaching 11 a. m.i 

St Petcts- A. M. fcV Church, Elli- 
ot and Montgomery Sis., Sunday: 
Preaching, llruo a. ox, and 8:00 p. 
m. Sunday-school, i p. m. 

Bov: S: 6. Pitcher, pastor. 

8t Murks A. M, E. Zion Church, 
Lemngwell and Barnard St— Service* 
at 11:00 a. nt. Sands/school at 1(00 
p.m. Clsis meotiag, Fridav evening ai 
8:00. Reverond-F. W. Alstork, the pas 
tor, will preach special sermons, mum 
ing and evening. 

Northern Esprit*. Chnreh, 408 8. Std 
8t»*et— Hundsy services, prayer oiset- 
i*a> 5:30 a. m.; preaching, 11:30 s. m., 
**4 8 n. m. i Sued ay 'school, 1 p. m.; 
H. *". P. U., fl:30 p. m.; Mission Circle, 
7;S0 p. m. each Monday; preaching, 8 
p. m. each Wednesday; prayer meeting 
8 I m. eaeh Friday. Bev. J. A. Shields, 
pastor, residence, 408 8. 23rd. " 

Tabernacle Baptist Church, 1711 Pro* 
kl PniauBui* B hi ,.:■>. 


Sunoar-schoui, i;M p. m. B. 1. p; 
f. w^ODnsaay. a' a. in., 
mtln*. -Friday, 1 p, nv. 

QUINN CHAPEL Jerhr. E. Church 
321 Bowen St. Preaching, ll.-OD'a. m 
and 8:00 p. m. SunJby-Khool, 9M a 
m. Class meeting, Thursday. 

Rev. T. L. Watson, Pastor 

Wells Av«. — Preaching Sundays, II a. 

m., and 8 p. in. Sunday School, 1 
tn. Prayer' meeting, Thursdaya, 8 
to. Bs*. E. L. Clsrks, pastor. 

Grant's A. M. E. Church, 07 2 B Black 
Ave. — Snaday preaching at 11 a. m. and 
8 p. m. Sunday-school 3 p. m. Mr. 
Blaekwell, Brjpt. Bev. W. H. Fsaroon 
pastor. Residence 3024 -Pine St. 

Way man A. M. E. Church, 23rd 
Wash Street.— Preaching 11 a. to. 
8 p. m. Endeavor 6:30 p. in. C 
meeting Tuesday, 8p .m. Prayer m 
in* Tbunday, 8 p. m. Rev. A. 
Dobbin ■, pastor. 
Sunday school, 1:30 p. m. 

•art of a serious bodily ailment, for' In 
the verse preceding he says: "Through 
Infirmity of. the ~flesh I preached, the 
gospel unto you.** Well, we say. what 
Is there In physical: suffering to cause 
Id of God to rejoice J No doubt 
the tact that a physical ailment 
tests Christian character, but whi 
doe* rejoicing come InJ Let us revert 
again to Paul, who tells u» he 

light the Lord llirlr* to remove his 
thorn In the flesh. God-Instead of do- 
ing it said: "My gntce |s sufficient 
for thee." And Paul by physical suf- 
fering, learned what be -mold not learn 
In any other "way. the sweetness and 
KiinVieney of God's grace.. ' 

j- today I met a. friend who had 
sick. Be said to me: "When I 
ens sick I had the best rime I ever 
i'roy life. I was *o huppy; the 
■V Lord wi very near and precious." He. 
* -jhu see, was rejotdng because he ei 
. pericdeed «'..■:( i....n> a suffering cblld 
f has — the nearness and precloushess of 
j* Ood. 

i Outward clreunistances like the' flety 
BaVabi I'eter speaks of (I.Peter 4:121 
*i;iv be the tpmptatioa of 
■SsjL few in theHf days suffer severe 
y">rse™il<m; M how maoy do know 
I » !.-.: • tsaaV .i- :■■■ ■-■•:! v and aSllctlun are, 
oss of alovcd one. position, prop- 
P How.csn they rvjolceT 
'y do. aa I know.' I hove seen them 
lllng through the tears; I have 
ird them sav : ' "BleeS God, It's all 
And ** they drew a fresh 
3ly from tbe f nun tain of Mr grace, 
have heard them suig,wlth new 
irilng and power, "Praise Gud CrTftn 
all blessings Bow." One whom 
tr well, who suffered morJ *e- 
•ly than most men. said to J me 
I offered my sympathy; ^"If I 
my chotee of freedom fir trial onch 
I- have passed thmuch. kuowjng 
it I now do of God and hla once, t 
lid choose in . ; ' Ue. too. yea see. 
Iced la that he hod fallen into 
iptatiou and his testimony makes 
•asno for bis w>..irinii obvious. 
are. Indeed, some paths we must 
tel If we are to know Ood. 

many of us think of prosperity 
iptaHoa? Yet the word say*: 
that .win be rich, fail Into bknp- 
•*tioo." I sanetliue*. thinV that aoto- 
tac *s test*' Christian rftaraeter as 
prOBperlty. Many aChrtstta* h** ship- 
wrecked Ms ttf* upirtm-iHy sat pm*- 
r'a. rock. B* pmapetw^ « nil rhsa 
CM : h*> fsvfSM the niw.: fa* 
pray; aw f***»t the clrarekt 
today, tii.^rt wvatihy. he u s 
ttar.l dersllct. 

tbe manna, but Jesus ahowed them 
that the iiinunii wo* a type Of "tbe 
(true) bread of God." Tbe rhuracter- 
Istics of this bread are: (1) it come* 
down from heaven; (2) It Kiveili- life 
unto the world. Jesus' hearers did not 
understand what- he meant, jud ex- 
claimed: "Evermore give u., this 
bread." Jesus was trying to impress 
Upon his hearers the same dl!*£ence In 
heavenly matters a* In tbe pursuit of 
earthly meal*. 

III. The EvsrUstina Bread (w. 35- 
37 >. Misunderstanding his teaching 
(v. 34) Jesus' said -Unto them plainly: 
"I an the bread of life." meaning that 
he I* the true bread of God. He is 
not only tbe giver of the bread of life, 
but he, himself, is the Bread of Life, 
As bread, will satisfy Ihe lievds of the 
physic*),- body, giving strength, vllal- 
ity and energy: hi he will supply ihe 
needs of jlie.suul. Jfy will satisfy ihe 
deep hunger and taagtng WttflJh Is ih. 
evidence of need, ami he will iilmi sat 
Isfy-tbe thirst whKh lathe more In 
tense desire— the splriliml craving of 
the soul. Jivus ministers to the uever- 
falllng stniigtli uf all who come to 
hltn. and nh.i tudleve 'on him. coming 
to him is s,-.-kluc help and k^mitag 
frntn him. Believing tin hliu is' t!w ah- 
solute aliandiininent of self to Iffni. 
This multitude had actually MM Bat 
llvln ■ hrend (v. 3(3), yet they beiteviil 
not bivnuse they were so occupied 
with the material and unreul thinijs of 

Pint Baptist Chnreh, 1328 C 
Ave. — Sunday pleaching 11am. 
8 p. m. Knadsy-sehiml, ffl : 3ft ». m 
Y P. Tj. S : *> p. m. Pruphfag. Wednes- 
day night by local preachers. Pram 
meeting, Friday 8 pi m. Be». : witTo: 
Davia, psstor, 4394 Lucky Bt.. 

First Baptist Chnreh of Kinlorh, 
Ma. — Sunday, preaching 11 a. m. sod 
8 p. m. Sunday-school at 10 s. m. 
Bibla reading >t 4:30 p. m. Weakly 
meetings, Tuesday and Thnraday at 8 
p. m. Commuaioa, second Sandiy in 
each mbath. Rev. P. Hople, paator; El 
L. Brown, clerk. 

Leonard Avenn* Baptist Church: 88 
a Leonard Ave.— Sunday, Preaching 
11:00 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday 
School 1:00 p. m. & T. P. TJ; 6:00 p. 
m Prayer Meeting Wednesday night. 
Bev. P. W. Dnoavaot, Pastor, 
874S Walnut. - 

Mount Zion B»pttat Church, 2624 
Pspin St, Sanday:Prcaching, 1 1 -uu 
a. m. and 8:00 p. m , Sunday-school 
1:30 p. m. Prayer meeting. Friday, 
8:00 p. m. 

Dr. J. Douguus Herbca, Paator. 

Lnthern Chnreh, 1701 Morgan St.— 
Sunday prsoahing I p. a, Bunday- 
■chool 8 p. nt. Cateehetisal Inatrus- 
tion, Thursdsy, I p, *. Day SohooL 
every day, B a. bj.— 3 p. m. Bev. G. A. 

Beeond Baptilt Church, Kiniueh 
-Park— Preaching, Sundays, 11 o. m. 
ood 8 p. m.; Sunday-iehool, 1 p. m.; 
Wsekly meeting!, Wednesday and Pri- 
daya, 8. p. m. Bev. Timothy Pont, 812 
B. porrison Ave, St. Louis, Pastor.. 

Mount Olive Baptist Church, 1420 
V. J2th Street — Preaching ovary Sun- 
day, 11 a. m„ 1 p. m.'and 8 p. m.; 
Hon day-school, 1 p.'nY; B. T. P. D., B:3t» 
p. m.; Mission Circle, fourth BuaBay 
in each month. Rev. D. W. Morria 

Antioea Baptist Church, North Mar- 
k>( sad Goode Ave. Proochiag, Bun. 
dsys at SI a. m. and 8 p; a. Sunday 
Behool at 1 p. m. B..Y. P. V. at 8:30 
p. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 
8 p. m. Communion Services, Second 
Sunday in each month. Bav. Vn. L. 
Psrry, M. D. Paator. 

Third Corinthian 
13th and Kiddle 

Baptist Church, 
s treeta. — Snndsy , 
prayer meeting, 5 p. m. Preaching, 11 
a. m., 3 p. m. and 8:30 p. m, Sanday 
•ehool, 1 p. m. Prayer, meeting, Tues- 
day night. Preaching, Thursday night. 
Fourth Bnnday in each month Covea- 
aat aad Communion. Rev. J. W. Ball 
psstor; M. C. Crosby, clerk; Pete 
Brown, treasurer. 

Providence Baptist Church, Kuiacr 
ly and Pendleton A venae*.— Sunday, 
praaehing 1 1 a. m. and 8 p. m. Bnn- 
dsy-schoal. 1 jvjsti B. y, » tj. j _ 
«S Proy-r I . Il l l j, WoVJ* » *,. 
Covens nt and Lssat'a 
Bsnday 3 rv»fc 
■"tpf* ting t h rf-fgT 
E. Calvin Colo, pastor, 8181 Fair Are 

Corinthian Baptist Church, 448 
Antelope, Sunday Praaehing, 11:00 a, 
m. and 8:00 p. m. Sabbath school. 
MM s,^a.; B. T. P. U., fl p. m. W,d 
nssday: Praaehing 8:00 p. no, Friday: 
Prayer Meeting, 8 p.m., Miiaion sarr- 
iet, third Friday, -8 p. m. Business 
meeting Friday before the fourth 
Lcrd'i day in each month. Bev. Wm. 
Aadenon, Pastor. 

Asbury Mcniorial If. E.< Church, 
U'ottage Ave. Sunday NbooL .it: 
at.; preaching 11 a. m. and 8 | 
Epwnrlh League, 7 p.- m. Class 
i»g and Bible class.. Wednesday, 
m. Rev. W'. W. Ooff, .paator. 


Today we Bnd men so taken up with 
the material and unnreal that ibey 
(■either appreelate nor believe uihiii the 
true bread which has tiet-n Hal dawfc 
from M-*l out of heaven. Not ail will 
come to him (John. 5:24). but anyone 
can prove that he belong* to the eh-ei 
of God and the cprojiany of the r'niher 
by roratng to^ Jesus (T. 37). If any 
■son' "does come, he will be recelved- 
rheae words of Jesus ore very po*i- 
Ive. "I «-m. in no vise cast him out." 
Jesus, the One who raises tbe 'lead. 
* thererore ro^quu! wM* Ood. Note 
the remainder "f lhl» i'bapter : "l will 
r*Uu>' him up at the last day" .(v. 40) : 
He that beUeveto on me bath *W- 
lastiiig Sfe" (v. 4T) ; "1 am (he bread 
C* life" (v.. 48); "KxFept ye eat the 
of the n™ i>f man. *e have ho life 
hi yea" is. SSi ; -Whosn eatatft ay 
hath eteraal tBV (. 54) : "For my 
flesh i* meat Indeed" (v. 8S) : "Be that 
eateth my nesh dwelletb In me and ' 
■" (T. m :■ "He that eaterh me. 
even ne shall lire by me" (v.'.ST).. 

jThi- is symaoiKal- It Is nw T h*M It 
at/very rr*V. 

.2804 Laclede Avenue 
_Mundny srhool at iVa. m. .'Presett- 
ing 11 *. .«.. sad 8 p. m. Bible Band 
at 3:3(1 Prayer service. Thunday 
Bight*. Kev. E. Porter, Pastor ' 

Thessa Ionian Missionary Baptirt 
iJhurrh— 504 Montrose Ave. Sandiiy, 
prayer meeting B a. mi preaching. 11 
a. nt. and 8 p. m.; 8un.!sv -school 1 p 
nv; B. J. P. T. -8:30: Wedoesdsv, 
preaching 8 p„m.; Friday, prayer i»**4- 
ing 8 p. ro.; Missionary Boeletj. flm 
and third Tuesdav ia each month si s 

ML Olive Baptiat Church No, t, 1405 
Morgan 8L Sunday, prayer meeting, 
' a. m.; preaching, 11 a. m., 3 p. m. and 
:10.P. m. Sundhy-sehooL 1:80 p. in. 
Prayer meeting and Mission Circle, 
Tuesday night. Prayer and praise 
meeting, Friday night Third Sunday 
In each month Covenant meeting. 
Fourth Sunday communion. ' Bar. A. 
Ditk*ou, paator, Thorn** Miller, clerk., 

spntmyAZJBT obubcbes 

Spiritual Corlstisji UnJgn Church, 
3727 Lawton Avenue. Sundays 8 p. m. 
Fridays, 8 -p. m. J. S. Weatherford, 
reitor; Mrs. M. Owens, assistant and 


Tas Chriatisn Spiritualist Church h.,. 
moved from 2330* Wjuih. St, to 9|i N 
Leitnard Avenue. ■ -Services every 
Tuesday and. Pridsy at 8:00 p 
CatF.h Bodiamont car, get off at 33ln 
Franklin Ave. walk north (o B17 
I*i.narrt Ay* . Mr. snd Mrs. Cranks! 



Try The Argus 

B*ll. Bomont 

//. B6 


Ice and Wood, CogJ By the Banket or Ton. 
.. A*h hauling and Express 






t 8. p. m. Weds 

Seance at 8 p. 

.Mi •■tine 


on.l Fridi 

rIe:Bev, James D. Mm* 

Henry Green, prcsidrnt: \ 

Vaarhfe*. secretary. 


Th* Church of Oml and Mainf a> 
uiat, 40fi4 Vinne,v Avenue - Servir- 
Sosdayi at ,1:30,. Wednesdsv at 1<%P 
ilay at 7:3fl Saturday l.-iahbathJ tf 
s- m. and rest of tlie die .F.\4" J 
Vhderaon. .paatnr. 



7o*> care e/yoar complexion— . 

and yout complexion will fair* Care o/j™. 

Choose pure aids, choose crime: 

The TEg'T FOR VEAIrg, 

'Make* the mUu like velvmt 

IESC. CttAHE. 104 rULTOrs ST.. 

Harry M. Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

G..i;rfti«.M Flstiail' C.lor*i People. C*llor 
Phrne. 6ood Service. 

WOLF BROTHERS Hair Straightening Outfit 

JtoDinrrSrtaWaintlainBrhlntiWT. WSihoneafiun |..t..„i n us r ... 




WDLF BROS. 1214 W. Sanafe An., Indianapolis, Iud., U.Si 

Onyx" m Hosiery 

G*t G<X>D V*lo* M ANY-1 

lie to tSMptt pair 


) _ i*s 1*1 East iu* rr. 

Insure YourTeeth 

y Setter than the 
t^J dentifrice you 

; yrvAUDou's 



•J* In a Big Musical Comedy Revue ■'&'■■' 

All Next Week Beginning Monday, March 12 



? -= EBONY COMEDY --- 
Featuring The Well Known Laugh Producer 

"A Natural Born ShoolW" 

By An All- Colored Cast 


21«t. and Market Street 


Shawn Two Wetts To Bift Crowds, at the Kings Theatre 



ViUgrnuh's (ireat Detective Drama 

Sunday, March. 11 
Pursuant 1u_ bin already announced 
:■!■ ■,':■", •. I hi' manager .or the New 
Jovie. fur this dm hiu aeleclo.l a iiru- 


Uu.-.Hird Master Production in Five 

Part* and , 

llM ■ Ureal Western Railroad I 'rami 

First ,nf the fieri.'*, lu be Known as 


Starring He I, ,. uibwta 

. In Five. Parts 

I'alria's .Sixth K n le o da in J 
' ' Hum ud Bud - 

Kt rry ' TueMlay™" Pearl of th 
Army" and Keystone Ciimt-dia*. 
. Kvery Weilm-sday — " {Irani, Police 
Reporter," "Secret .Kingdom'! and 

livery Thursday "lieatrice Fair- 
fax." ■'•■"", 

Friday, March IS. 
Second of tin- serics'of "The Ameri- 
can liirt," an.l'a Bine llird Itiotuplay 
entitled. "A.liresv Problem. 

♦■ ATttLETrnK AND \ 





1420-22 MARKET STREET . 

The Bigge&t and Beat with its $7,000 Orchestration equal to 
pieces of good orchestra, including Pipe Organ. 

Kixhtlr w. tan hi. that wa aK. (ha proeram far our attractions la th. cltj. 
A Triangle— —Kay Bel Drnr 

Thomas H. Inyo Production 

A Keystone Comedy 

A Tom Mis Western Drama 

And One Keel. Detective Dram. 


A World Feature 

The Oirl From Frisco 


A Fox Wonder Play and the 

Crimson Stain 


A Vitngrnph Supper Production 

And -The Scarlet Banner 


TrianateDrema, A Keystone 

CoinrfdV and- Beatrice Fairfax 


Path* Gold Rooster Feature 

than the Iron Claw 


A Fox — Powerful Drama and the 

'The Shielding Shadow," better 

Yellow Menace. 


And Look at My Five Point Motor 

Player. 1917. We Have the Only 

One In St. Loula 


. Tuesday, Match 1.1 
■ Ebony <'..n..rty; . rVatiinni; the Well 
Known l-augb Producer, 

Kvery-. Monday , 
shorty Hamilton ' 

ornnlele comedy. 

. Lais or L — 

ran luring all 

Heiea Holm 





Yea rami aaantievi, brine, thl. ad*. 


Good ares In This Week 'a Show 
Famous Whitman SlsUra and Company 

' Naxt Week 

A. number u( jnaod featnrrs serve to 
make- the show at the Booker Washing- 
I.jii Theatre, t It*, week, M accopl- thai. tli<'4*>''."lii.S one. 

Oeorge' Chnanay. | iimnologuM, uyena. 
the bill, Hal line of talk is original 
and full of humor. He lings a couple 
uf tuneful melodies and. closes with 
a 9ewrijltive sketch called, "Drunken 
Dun SfeOWW," whirh makes . n - big 

Henderson and Briscoe, u sister team, 
have an net based on the time-worn 
theme, -"TlieBtricaJ Partner Wanted." 
They sing and dnnnc and manage to' 
(jet ..ver quite well, due principally 
1.. The blacked face comic absurdity of 
Mi" Itriscoc, . Miss Henderson scores 
nicely 'ainging, "Prcity Baby." 

.Alan Daw, n- white 'sleight of hand' 
].erf..rmer, does, several mystifying 
truka with cards, bulla and handker- 
chief *. He iin\.-.. a running stream 
i.F good humor with his. worn and keeps 
his hearer* laughing. The act goes 

CUrk and Kinky, a railed team, de- 
|h nil alniosl entirely uuun the female 
io.ii.Iht's dancing ability to get by. 
Tali little lady eumes through- with 
. r.'-lit and wins favorable on.tausc. The 
■■Kin, aa a comedian is only lair. 

The pair almost ruin their chances 
mill a line of .'jl.l jokes that have long 
alaea eervi"d their lime and should be 
trowed to rest in pence."" As slated, 
tha lady's dancing saves the act. It 
i- very. geM and she deserves the. ap 
V>1a«H accorded. ".'.■.' 


The Whitman Misters' Muaieal fom- 
adj Kevuc will be at ihe' Booker Waah- 
ingion Theatre next «cek. "This eom- 
l*ny. Includes Mabel, Keaie, Alberta 
and Baby_Ali.',e; the four "picks," now 
young men, Sammy. Tummy, Aarun and 
Mniie; also Jc-haa? .Woods, the cele- 
brated venJnloquis.t and* "his manniktn, 
Ijtlle Henry. This aggregation makes 
a sjrfi.ialty of rich and elegant cos- 
tumes, up't.i date songs, sij.-»i'!if iin^- 
.comedy and dancing galore. Baby Alice 
is one of, if nut the beat, female danc- 
ers oa the stage. Johnny Wnods is 
a vantrilnr|ii:st without aa eqoal ia the 
! world. Little Henry ia featuring "I 
Mm I'm On My Last Oo Roond.* 
Lvery .member of tbe company ia ■ 
star and there is' no doubt tbe Book 
er Waabiagton will be. crowded to tb 
doors all seat weelTasNae"' Whitman. 
havV bei'a playing rjo "Standing Keum 
Only" in every etty they have ap 


Why can't I give you the earne or 
better inducements offered by any deal- 
hen I amUiacked by a M^OOO.OOO 
capital f I can and do sell at manu- 
facturer's price. My showroom is 
-■i::,l!. but great is its factory resources. 
You don't have to pay the middleman's 
prices when yoa buy -from' me. Prices 
me as from the factory to your home. 
Player pianos, from MOO to Jl.OOO; 
'rights, *30 to »500. You don't need 
worry, if limes get hard, wo tan carry 
u as long as anyone. Phone Bumont 
B2W or call at" m v store, MM Lac 
le Are. C. H. Watkina. 

To Mrs. M. A. Bel], tot No. 77B; Carl 
Duisdicker, lot No. 1858; Geo. Hol- 
brooks, lot No. 1572; Amanda Junes, 
lot No. H17; Walter- Johnson, lot No. 
1369; Oacar Klages, lot No. 1318; Edw. 
Murphy, lot No. 1843; Pauline Milton 
lot No. 1489; J. P. Mullen, lot No. 1258; 
Mrs. W. E. Kerala, lot No. 1827;'Martin 
Ransom, lot No. 1211; E M. Shelly, 
lot No. 1609; Lillie Bmfth, lot No. 1399; 
Lillie Smith, lot No. 1580; P, H, Shild- 
ors, lot No. 1847; E G. WlMey, lot No. 
1317; Lewis Young, lot No. 1540; yon 
and each of yoa are hereby notified and 
taquired to pay arroa™ or amoonta daa 
from you severally, for storage and 
charges, of goods deposited by yoa ia 

rooma, 321S-30 Olive 8L, in the City 

of St. Louis, Mo., and that such pay- 
ments be made before Saturday, March 
17, 1917, and notice ia hereby given in 
case of your neglect, or default, to 
make such payments, the goods will bo 
•old to pay such charges, at public, auc- 
tion, to the highest bidder for cash at 
3818-30 Olive St, In tha City of St 
Louis, Mo., oa Saturday, March 17, 1817, 
at 10:00 a. m. 

Proaaar'a Furniture a) Storage Co., 
St Louis, Ho., February 23, 1917. 

with heat and 
Two dollars a 
FWau Bomont 

Second floor back room 

all modern convenience. 

week. 3318 Lawton. 

Lfflft (4-3-2.) 


Tke f emilctoa 


. -. apEciAL 

Sunday, Marsh 11 



A "masterly pictunzatHin of Oi.i, 
internationally famous novel, 'in. 
parts. The story tells of .a^brave 
"daughter of tbe regiment, who i 
in lnv<> with a soldier, an heir to 
Unglish estate!.- «'° has called hm 
in the Freneb. army in Algeria. 
save him from being executed, f.>i 
suiting a superior officer.- she l>r 
the desert to get a reprieve and ru 
back just in lime to 'reeeiye : the 
le(s ia her own body^ intended for 
She dies with the reprieve in 

Tbe Pendleton will ahow Theda Bare 
in "'fader Two Plage," in six parra, 
Manday, Mareh 11. 

■ m» 

"A Natural Bora Mhooter," a laugh- 
producing Ebony Conedy, will be 
shown at the Comet Odeoa Tuesday, 

Two a*sf photoplay aeries will start 
at the New Movie Theatre this week. 
"Tha American Oirl" erery Friday, 
begiaaia* March 9, aad Sassst Oth aaw, 
in "The Daughter -f Danag." evsry 
Sunday beginning March 11. 


*dvwrhaa m tha krrsi tsl mt aa> 

You are .cordially iarited to attend 

the A, C. E at Waymaa .Ckapal 

a. U 

EL Church every Baaday at fl:3< 

p m 

lira. S, B. Woodfolk. President 


A. R Dobbins. Pastor. 

Yon, yobr B«tat>, or probably yijnr 
mother are ailing and have snffered 
the. untold tortures of agony and hare 
tried every known remedy with no re- 


Yon probably are suffering from 
backache, bearing down sensation*, 
nervousness, tired feeling, inability to 
stand or walk for any length of time, 
pains, soreness ia the abdomen, or 
other ailments, such ae lenoorraea 
{whites), gonorrhea, itching, nlean,- 
tlona, catarrhal, aaminal and moeoos 
discharges: Tbese ailmjnjs of tea ap- 
pear aa a diichajgo and Is usual!? 
one of tbe first signs' of a diseased 
condition of the vagina. Sometimes it 
ia eery irritating aad produces sore 
nesa, and even inflammation of tha 
parts with which it cornea in contact. 
It often. causes a disagreeable itching. 

Do not dope yon? system with in- 
ternal remedies. Oet MUne's Asepto 
XaaaM. They are highly racomasandad 
for nil non-s-jrgieal cases of waak- 
neas and disorders WtK0BI to wom- 
en. Milne's Asepto Konaa are said and 
recomsiended by all resiling druggist*. 
If he will not supply yoa they will be 
sent di'rant upon raaaint of price. 

Trial aiao, Ten a se p to Kasua, SOa. 

Kegular aisa; twenty, four Aapeto 
Koaea. 11.00." 


The -Willing Workers and Ruth Claba 
meeting -with sueceea in all of their 
effort*. B*v. Burn* will preach for the 
ltuth Club naxt Tuesday night A par- 
lor aortal for the beneSt 9f.the.elnb 
will be at the of Mrs. Mamie 
Oreea, aSaS Market A tacky party 
will be at the church. March 15. given 
under theyanspieei of tke Willing Work- 
ers Cluli. Prof. J. v:. Sauth, paatar 
of the Church of tbe U vine Gcd, will 
p r— sh to tha St Lnuia Eyeaiag Eaan- 
iteiical AlKanee Bait Monday night 
Mrs. Humphrey is o a the sick list. Pan- 
tor Cole will preach mArninf and em* 
aiag aext Snnday. 


II -10.000 o 



AUGUST 19th To 2Slh 

19th Biennial Session of the Supreme Lodge 

Supreme Court of Caiauthe and * 
9th National Encampment of the 
Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias 

. JurlndictloD, N. A., S. A., E-, A., A., and A. 



Souvenir Programs Country Store Barber Shop 

Restaurant Official Photon 'Pressing Shop 

Melons lee Cream Chewing Gun. Pop Corn, and Candy 

Ansi 25 more good concessions and displays. Address all communications 

Headquarters Ways and Means Committee, 

.. Chairmsii -*-■ 

3141 Lawton Ave 

St. Louis, Mo. 


Mme. Lindsey M 

Cfjatre. Truce Spsritnnlint 

aha can tall yam what van weald 
* like to know . .- ' 

She can in»tnict ;yeu in all your 

ilammu m corn AM UP 

from Ha m. u SJ0 8 . m. 

-152 Minerva Ave., - VAtsi 
E.h.^Fw, IH a sast St.Caarks Csrs 

Learn Muuc In 30 

I will teach yon to piny the 

Violin in 30 .'lessons. Your " 

money back if not salisGed. 

'Prof. Thomas Helton 

Phona Bomont 1721 Studio 3106 Pin* St. 


Green has found it. Positively found 
it. A sure cure for rheumatism, neu- 
ralgia, keadaahaa, pains in the bach 
and aide, indigestion, eats, burns, 
bruises, sore throat, bad 1 cold, cramp, 
eolie, etc. 

And an eieeUent remedy for douches. 
Thaa* facts are verified by many teati- 
monies of both raeaa. J- - 

AgeaU wanted everywhere. Per par- 
tleolars cell or write, A. B. Oreen, S3 SB 
Wagoner Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 


Advice given in all i 
Life. Give Lock in 
and Speculari*. 
1 Settle Layer's ( 
. aenarntad tesjather, m a k ei 
pence and h an a tnaaa ia family. 


ClmTT.rut, Faartm-e T-ikr 

Hr. Jesse Karris, of 2331 Pine, aft- 
er one day 'a illness, passed away. He 
wa* a member of Tabernacle Church 
for Ave yean. He leaves to mourn 
his departure, one -brother, Mr Saab. 
""si'-* 1 *- :> *™*' T delivared a stirring 
s.tjii«n Suaday. Our barge anting re- 
vival srist'opea- Snadny, March 11. All 
are welcome Pastor's wife, Mrs. Hoa- 
ely and- Mm. AoatiB are on tha sick 
Mat. W* bops that oar new 
deaeoan win do a greait wo 
Haael Wilbara. of Chieaga, is 
far rsansiasa. Rev. Walker, of A than- 
saa, has .joined us. All are invited to 
attend ear swi 

Girls, ladies, be independent and 
self-supporting. Earn 13 u> 15 a day 
or evening at home In year spare 
time. Lean, the Modem Art of Baanty 
Culture. Learn Artistic Hkirdreasing, 
Manicuring, Shampooing, Pcea Mas- 
aage, Scalp Treatment How to weave 
and manufacture hair. How to -i a h + 
Switches. Cornet Braida, Pompadours, 
Pnffs, Front Piece. I'ir, Prixaerr, 
Traaaformatiena, Baaga, etc Straight- 
ening, Bleneaiag. Marcel Wave. Hiage- 
ing. Dyeing ete. How to aa a sady aj 
maid. Hate. DeCarroll. aa old experi- 
enced and wail known hairdresser and 
Beauty Cnltnriat. will ' teach you'th* 
French and American Art of Hairdreaa- 
ing and Beauty Culture in bar Bio* 
Book, The laaaeaa are plain, and sim- 
ple. This is an opportunity for every 
ambitions girl to learn an honorable 
and digaaaad profession and start oa 
the rand- to saeiim, Every womaa 
should have a aapy. Per a limited 
time tha pries of thi* book ssssP heasi 
radaead to tX. Send yonr order to tha 

Torh City. 


This tlegant TsVroom hotel ha* opened 

"- — " ■ ■■Binan^nrnmaamik. jaa, n.iC*| AMflnll 

f or f anally or transient naa. N.wfy dse- 
uratad and haa 10 baths, etsam heat. 
Rate, raaaonasda. Bar. H. A. Mitchell, 
proprietor, zg43 .Morgan street, St. 
Loaaa,. Mb. Phone Botnont 1877. 

We Buy and SeU, Pup 
Canaries. Parrots, Etc 

Cell op write . - - 

' Nesv Bird and Do* store